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    I have a question about connecting pins for my old speedcast plow. Mine are worn out and starting to rattle around alot. I don't know what's next if I don't replace them...would they break? Anyway I called the Fisher Dealer nearest to where I live, the Guy there told me there wasn't any such thing as a Fisher speedcast plow. I asked him to look it up, he did and said he would have to order them and I could do the same thing.
    I asked this question last week and someone gave me a link to a dealer down near where he is...was it Langs Garage...something like that. Anyway I called there yesterday and the Guy said he has $8 or something. I mentioned that I am in Canada, he said we don't ship to Canada and hung up...Geez.
    So I checked a buy and sell site up here and found a set of Fisher pins. I called and talked with the Guys wife who contacted her Husband at work, he said he had 2 sets of pins at a great price. I asked her to ask him if they had springs so she called him again and yes they have springs. My question is are there different sizes of Fisher pins? It's over 2 hours round trip to his place and I'd like to get them today...there's a storm comming later today and the Guy is at work and I can't speak with him. I'd hate to drive all the way down there to find they aren't the right ones.
    So that's it...thanks in advance. This site is wonderful..especially for someone who lives where I do!
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    Yes there are many different size pins.The minute mount 1 and minute mount 2 plow don't have the same size pin for the a-frame.There are also different size pins for the pistons themselves
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    The Speedcaster is the blade design name from before the MM systems- the blade in the MM1 is essentially the same as the Speedcaster blade, the a frame is a little different.
    The mounting pins for the Speedcaster to the truck are the same as the MM 1 to the truck, angle cylinder pins are the same on all MM and Speedcaster, headgear pins (lifting arm) are the same as MM1, main pivot is the same on Speedcaster and MM1, trip edge pins are again the same to MM1... MM2 is the differences, and it's really only the main pivot pins and frame to truck pins.