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get it in where you have some heat. probably! froze up. don't take a lot of water in system to freeze one up. you said you had water in the pump. well then there is definitely! water in angel cylinders and hoses and pump again. I would take pump off. Get it in heated area flush out. then put back on. raise plow off ground.1 inch. Put a set of Cuplers on hoses! move plow back and forth by hand to blow out dirty ----, then put hoses in can diesel fuel! move back and forth to flush out water Debre. Then take hoses out. Move back and forth to get diesel out. then angel all the way to 1 side, the angel cylinder that is fully collapsed put that hose in a bottle of snowplow oil and move plow back to other side. That will fill 1 angel cylinder and hose full of oil. Take quick Cuplers off. hook to plow and run it. when all air is out you won't be able to move plow any by hand. then top off oil, that's how I do a flush at my shop. works great. Only use Deisel or kerosene.what little you dont get out will mix with the snowplow oil and be fine. that's what I would do first.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts