Fisher lights, poor design

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Yesterday we had a big storm, the first real workout for my new fisher hd2. The shock of plowing a 15 hour blizzard, broke all the log in nubs on the outside lenses of the plow lights! I had to tape the lenses in place to get through the storm!
you said "new fisher" I suppose I should be the one to tell you that 3 years old is NEVER new.
there isn't a scenerio on the planet that would cause " broke all the log in nubs on the outside lenses" unless some idiot pryed on them to remove the lenses for some odd reason. And if the lenses were exposed to direct sunlight for a long time....certainly wouldn't help. something isn't right......


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that's ********. There are 8 of those retainer tabs per light. There is not any reason to EVER remove the lenses. How is it a poor design?

They are trash. I have been replacing intensifier lights nonstop. The nubs do fail, moisture gets in, blows bulb out. Its a vicious circle. I started buying one off housings to replace.
the only way the "nubs" fail is if NUBS pry on them to remove the lenses thinking that's the proper way to replace a bulb or something. whatever the case, an i d i o t is involved in there somewhere
funny how I service many of these plows/lights and have NEVER seen "nub" damage without any outside cause. Also haven't seen any issues with bulbs outside of what would be called normal life expectancy of that style bulb. There seems to always be user error. Like when a factory supplied bulb does fail and cheap azzes source the cheapest China bulbs they can find at Bezosbay and wonder why they don't last.
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I guess i did. Now that i know these lights so well, i am going to seal the outside lenses to the plastic housings with silicone, as you access the bulbs from the rear of the light housings!

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