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Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for any assistance and hopefully I can explain this pretty thoroughly. I moved up from a 2020 chevy K1500 to a 2022 chevy K3500 LT diesel. I saved the plow mounts and was able to sell them and put that money towards the new mounts. I uninstalled the wiring harness, three port module with two truck side plugs from the old truck. The plow, harness, module etc all bought in fall of 2021. I installed the new frame mounts easily, and hooked up the plow to the new truck no issues at all. I proceeded to the wiring harness and hooked up the green wire side of the headlight harness to the drivers side lights of the truck, blue wiring side of the harness to the passenger side. I ran all the heavy main positive wiring with the fuse to the positive battery terminal and connected the main ground wire to the frame ground lug. I mounted the module to the inside of the truck engine bay and stowed all the extra cable out of the way. I then ran the joystick controller plug through the firewall and into the cab. The last wire is the power wire on the joystick controller line, I connected that directly to the positive terminal on my battery. Now this wiring is the only difference from my old truck to the new one. The plow dealer installed this plow last year and had the power wire from the joystick line tapped into a fuse in the under the hood fuse box. It seemed like a very loose and unreliable connection but I left it alone. Installing the line on the new truck I direct wired it to the battery, so now instead of the plow joystick and such powering off with the truck turning off, I hit the power button off myself. That is the only difference between the two installs. I started the truck(old truck was keyed ignition , new truck push button keyless) and checked, high/low beams work perfectly. turn signals are perfect, hazard lights work. I shut the truck off thinking all set, but my turn signal lights stayed on and never went off. I remembered the joystick power and hit that button, the joystick turned off but turn signal lights stayed on. I hit the lock button on the keyless remote, everything flashed as it should but the turn signal lights came back on. I hit the unlock button and everything flashed as it should, but the turn signal lights stayed on. I waited for 1-2 minutes in between button pushes to make sure and turn signal lights stayed on and they did, never turning off. The joystick power line being directly wired to 12 volts, is that my turn signal light issue? I thought that power wire is just to light up the joystick and not affect anything else. Does that joystick power wire need to be on a switched power circuit? Tomorrow I am going to hook it up to the fusebox on a switched power circuit and see if that works, but was just asking around to see if I am close or just so far off it is ridiculous.

Thanks in advance
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