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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by northeast, Sep 28, 2000.

  1. northeast

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    I just purchased my first plow truck,and have a few questions. the truck is a 96 f-350 with 4.10 gearing ,351,
    automatic tranny 8 ft. fisher conventional plow.
    ??? If I raise the lift cylinder without the plow attached should it come down when I Lower the lever,or does it need the plow on it?had to put a comealong to pull it down yesterday after I LIFTED IT?? Also will it hurt the pump running it around now with the belt on,should I take off the belt till the snow comes,what type of hydro fluid do you all use in the reservoir? sorry if these are stupid questions ,but I would like to learn more about my plow.
    thanks for any help, northeast
  2. DaveO

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    The blade needs to be on (weight) for the piston to retract. I take the belt off between storms. Use ATF in the pump.

  3. BRL

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    You need to hold the control down at the same time that you push down on the arm (need 2 people or hook something heavy to the arm). The way it works basically is the system pumps hydraulic pressure to raise & move left & right, and just opens a valve to lower, allowing the weight of the plow to bring it down. Remove the belt during off season. Use Automatic Trans Fluid. Hopefully you didn't break that valve by using the come-along, not sure if the crossover relief valve would have come into play with that situation. Good luck with the plow!
  4. Ray

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    I would flush the system (refer to Chucks web site for the procedure). Scrap the ATF and use Fisher hydraulic fluid or similar.
  5. BRL

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    I didn't know Fisher had its own fluid. The manual I have says to use the ATF - you'd think they would recommend their own product to boost sales.
  6. plowking35

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    ATF works fine in most applications, however if you recieve very cold temps,or get moisture in the fluid, then use a manufacturers hydro fluid.
    It has additives to prevent freezing.
  7. cat320

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    Yes i would use the regular hydro fluid like Dino said as far as for letting the plow down with out weight i have a diamond and never have to put plow wieght on it even when i was plowing with a 1 ton town truck and the chain poped of after hitting a manhole and the piston went higher did i have to do it either fisher must be different.
  8. BRL

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    I didn't suggest that because we were talking about an under the hood unit. I always assumed (probably somebody told me this) you wouldn't have the freezing problem because of the heat under there and the pump constantly spinning. Any truth to that one?
    You can push the cylinder down by hand, but someone needs to put the controller in the down position to release the valve. If you're by yourself then you can just hang something with a little weight on it there, and operate the controls yourself. Maybe that Diamond plow has "down pressure" option, which means the piston would be retracted under pressure? I've never used one like that, so I don't know how it works.