Fisher curl top plow?


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Southern NJ
I have seen some guys around here that have them Fisher plows that have the curled top to them and was wondering if anyone has one and has any input on it. Right now I use Meyer with the snow deflector .Does that curl at the top work on the same principal as the deflector does. Any pros and cons to them. Do they work like the highway plows and roll the snow. I just think it looks like a good concept for a plow and I may be interested in one.....Thanks in advance!!!


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I have a freind that put the deflector on his meyer.
It did not work to well. after a full trip a few times
bent and then broke off. It could only work on a trip
edge plow. I would not do this , but that's me
only my 2cents. hope i helped a bit.

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Somerset, NJ
I also used a Meyer with the deflector in the past with out any problems though. Probably put 150 + plow hours on that one & it was used when I got it. Do a search on "deflectors" & you will find quite a few opinions on them.


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In my truck
We have one on the big plow (10 foot Fisher) and it does roll snow but we don't like it for stacking... Hurts stacking a little; Overall we won't be adding anymore to any plows.

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Jrodgers, they are an add on. It's called the sno-foil from fisher and they are only good for doing long strips or streets.The cost is $200-$300.


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I have one road that is a half mile long and it works great. The snow is not ending up on the hood and winshield anymore. I have not noticed any problems with stacking yet.

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
It's just like anything else, it isn't going to work for everything. Ours works great most of the time, but if we get a lot of heavy stuff, it will pick the plow up. I think it does a better job of keeping the snow off the hood than a rubber flap. Plus you get the added roll from it, it really moves the snow. It really depends on the type of plowing that you are doing.
The Fisher Snofoil is great for rolling snow when making long passes,but it really does hinder stacking.They tend to get real beat up after a while.A rubber snow deflector works almost as well for keeping the snow off the hood and windshield,and will only help a little for rolling heavy snow.If you are going to make your own,a thicker piece of rubber would much better than 1/2" conveyor belt (it's to flimsy).I get all the old rink runners (the things they put down on the concrete to protect the skates)from the local hockey arena,they are glad to get rid of them.They are a little hacked up,but they are almost 1" thick and plenty stiff for a snow deflector.


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We run all fisher snow plows and I have snofoils on all them, Yes they do get in the way when stacking sometimes but I think the benifits far out weigh the disadvatages, We do all commerical parking lots, no driveways, and the only problems we have is the bolts coming untightened, when the plows are brandnew we just spot weld all the bolts and that seems to keep them tight. Just my two cents

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