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Fisher Angle Pistons Breaking

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by MaineGuy, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. MaineGuy

    MaineGuy Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    I work at a machine shop and had a buddy ask me the other day if I could have my shop make some new ends for his broken angle pistons to weld on. He has six broken angle pistons that the ends of the rods where the pin passes through broken clean off. He has several plows ranging from straight 9' footers to the extreme V's and says it's not specific to any one plow. He's saying at $330.00 each time he replaces one he wants to at least try to fix a couple of them and see if they hold up. Is the end snapping sheer of the piston rod a common issue? Anyone ever try fixing one this way?


  2. lawnboy2121

    lawnboy2121 Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    Never had that happen to any fisher piston and I run a few on skidsteers with no preasure relief valves and never did that in 27yrs of plowing
  3. flips87chevy

    flips87chevy Member
    Messages: 43

    I've only been plowing about 8 years but here in upstate NY everyone runs fisher plows I've never had the opportunity to try anything else. I've never heard of or experienced the angle pistons breaking. I have seen them break through the the front of the plow before.
  4. theplowmeister

    theplowmeister 2000 Club Member
    from MA
    Messages: 2,617

    28 years plowing mostly with fisher never busted a piston, or seen one busted with all my snowplow buddies. Just what is he doing to them?
  5. MaineGuy

    MaineGuy Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    Thanks for the reply's and that's pretty much the answers I thought I would get. I couldn't understand it either but I did get a little more of the story last night. It sounds like it's more to do with the center pin failing on a V-plow and the angle pistons breaking when the blade folds over. Either way it's a maintenance issue and the angles piston are just collateral damage. We're going to weld four of them up with what's in the picture and send him on his way.

  6. TJS

    TJS PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,440

    Looks like you are on the right track.
  7. jmac5058

    jmac5058 Senior Member
    Messages: 431

    I have broke them on a EZ V but never on the Extreme V .