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Fisher angle drifts

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by HerkFE, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. HerkFE

    HerkFE Member
    Messages: 92

    I have a new Fisher 8' straight plow set up and am having a lillte problem with it. When I angle to the left or right with any snow on (mostly to the right) the plow continues to coast all the way to the hard stops. I can "catch" it by hitting the opposite angle button but that is a PITA every time! I took it back to my dealer who checked and adjusted the "cushion valves" (or something to that effect). I went out again and the same thing was happening.

    The Fisher cushion valves (as was explained to me) are supposed to help the plow kind of coast to a stop when angling, however they aren't supposed to let it continue all the way to the hard stops.

    Yes, I tried it without any snow on - it stops fine
    No it doesn't matter if it is heavy, wet snow or more powdery stuff .
    No, the manual doesn't give any help on this subject.

    My dealer said that Fisher has had some problems with this and I was wondering if anyone else has heard about or had problems with this before. He's doinf his part and we're working on a resolution but I thought I'd see what I can find out from the masses.

    Thanks everyone....

  2. HerkFE

    HerkFE Member
    Messages: 92

    As a matter of fact there has been a solution. My dealer (Showalter's - Florida, NY) has already contacted me and Fisher is going to make it right.

    That's what I call great customer service!
  3. Brian Simmons

    Brian Simmons PlowSite.com - Sponsor
    Messages: 196

    The cushion relief valves are designed to allow fluid to pass from one cylinder to the other when you hit a heavy object or the pressure exceeds the preset adjustment of 4000psi. If you are plowing along and say you hit a curb or any hidden object under the snow, once the pressure exceeds the preset limit the cushion valves open and allow fluid to pass from one cylinder to the other. This is so you do not break or bend the snowplow or any of its hydraulic components. These relief valves will sometimes back themselves out because of the vibration out on the headgear. On some units if the problem is not to severe you can apply Permatex #2 or equivalent to help pervent these from backing out. Happy Plowing
  4. HerkFE

    HerkFE Member
    Messages: 92

    A quick update!

    Just a quick note about the resolution of my problem. As I mentioned earlier my dealer contacted Fisher and a new pump/manifold assembly was installed.

    Roger also hooked me up with new sweatshirt for my troubles - it's the little things that keep people coming back!!! :D

    A big thanks to the Showalter's in Florida, NY!!!