First Year in Business-Advice?


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West Michigan
My husband and I are just getting into the plowing business this year, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone that can tell us where to get a sample contract, we have several business people who want to contract with us, but haven't done anything to formalize yet (no idea what to put into a contract).
What types of insurance should we get to cover ourselves?
Thanks, in advance, for any help you folks can give us!:D

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You're going to need additional vehicle coverage specifically for plowing. Also, business liability insurance. In the upper right corner of you computer screen is a "search" button. Do a search for "starting business" or "business". There is hours of reading that will help you. The next piece of advise is to join SIMA (again - do a search for "SIMA"). That will be the best-spent money this year. I won't get into contracts, there was just a big debate on that subject a few days ago (search "contracts"). If you have specific questions, there are plenty of knowledgeable people here to help. Good Luck.

Western Michigan

What part of MI are you from? We are near Grand Rapids. The best advice I can repeat is join SIMA. All the business advice you need you can get from the members and contract examples as well.

I re-wrote everything after I joined.

The liability insurance in MI is terrible! We pay $1500/yr for our 2mill policy, that some in other states get the same for $400. It may be cheaper for you if you have a landscaping biz, and list it as a sideline, but for us, as our only line of work it is very high.

If you do a search here, you will have about two weeks of quality reading on the subjects. Feel free to post any specific questions you come up with, these guys will have most of the answers.

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