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Just out of curiousity, why weren't you interested? I did 3 of them myself last year, and would have bid 20 this year, given the chance. Everyone I know that did any last year, bid on twice as many this year.


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To clarify an error in your post.... the organization that is managing the snow for First Union is NOT the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), but Snow Management Group (SMG).

SIMA is a non profit organization that promotes ethics and good business practices amongst those that plow snow and provide ice control services around the USA and Canada.

SMG is a for profit private company that manages snow and ice on commercial sites all over the United States.

Additionally, not only SIMA members were offered an opportunity to quote this project, but quite a few contractors in the snow and ice industry were invited to bid the work.
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Are any of the assets of SIMA (mailing lists, data bases, etc.) being resouced by SMG? (i.e.: solicitation of sub-contractors?)

I'm a SIMA member and just curious.

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SIMA does not sell its membership list to anyone, nor does it make its membership list available to non-members for any reason.

Members may ascertain the locations of other members through the membership list that each member has access to as part of its membership benefits package.

SMG establish's its list of potential subcontractors through research, its web site (potential subs signing up with SMG through the web site), and by scanning various public documents available to it through the world wide web - as well as by just plain looking and observing others in a particular market when one of its Field Managers visits any given market.


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We provided service to one last year and was happy with the way we were treated, i.e, payed, the way the complaints were handled, and other things so we bid on another one and got it, The one we did last year was within walking distance of our shop and the new one we got this year is about four miles, So I am happy with the way things have worked out. Just my two cents

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