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First time plowing.

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PremierLand, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. PremierLand

    PremierLand PlowSite.com Addict
    from detroit
    Messages: 1,572

    Well yesterday at 3pm I got my 1mil liability all set up, and last night I was out plowing.

    It was my first time plowing, it was real fun, alot better than snowblowing. I just did my commercials and my resi's that pay per push.

    I have one commercial account that has ALOT of cracks though, and It felt like I was about to break my truck inhalf. But I guess thats normal to feel that though and im just not used to it. That was the first one I did, then I went to the gas station that I do, and that was alot eaiser. I just put on all my lights and most of the people stayed out of my way. And I also learned to raise the height when going over the fuel covers.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you guys for helping me in the past, and in the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. fernalddude

    fernalddude PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,106

    Congrats you have moved up.. Wait till you hit one of those cracks at 4am will rock your world have fun and be safe.......:salute:
  3. 04superduty

    04superduty PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,354

    nothing beats being in your own world, singing along to a CD, and them BAM, scares the crap out of me every time.
    good luck with those fuel filler covers, have read about them here a couple of times.
  4. PremierLand

    PremierLand PlowSite.com Addict
    from detroit
    Messages: 1,572

    thanks guys...

    Ya some of those cracks were REAL bad, I went by later in the day when the sun was out, and there were also a few speed bumps and the cracks were real bad, due to the city re-doing the street and altering the water flow.

    I turn the radio off when I start to plow, Im to nervous about some idiot pulling right infront of me when im plowing. Personally, If im jamming, it'll make me lose some of my concentration. LOL, maybe im just nuts.

    I told the guy at the gas station today that Im not going to go over the caps, and for him to just put salt over the caps.
  5. Yaz

    Yaz PlowSite.com Addict
    from NH
    Messages: 1,061


    Yes the cracks will snap you out of daze or wake you up when your half asleep.. lol

    Best to drive you route before it snows so you see what may have changed since you were last there.
  6. fernalddude

    fernalddude PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,106

    all that fun and they pay you for it LOL might wana get some flags to mark them or some pics and review before you plow the location :bluebounc
  7. bigjeeping

    bigjeeping Senior Member
    Messages: 678

    First time plowing here too!

    First time doing driveways..... I'd messed around with my uncles plow in the past just going down a country road. Anyway, it was definitely a learning experience.... tore up a little grass, but had fun.

    Had both my trucks plowing for 11 hours total! Took a 4 hour nap after the first route, then headed out to clean things up.
  8. Winter Land Man

    Winter Land Man Senior Member
    Messages: 723

    What type of caps are they? Do they actually stick out? I know the cement around them does, and it shouldn't hurt your plow. I do a gas station and it doesn't hurt anything. That's what the trip springs and trip edges are for!! lol
  9. nekos

    nekos Senior Member
    Messages: 586

    lol , worst thing in the world to hear the sound of your plow hitting a crack and the blade tripping !!!
    be VERY carefull in lots like that ! last year my plow got stuck in a crack and didn't trip ! it was like i hit a brick wall,stoped my truck dead in it's tracks .
    i was going slow but still hit my head on the windshield and had a fat lip for the rest of the night :p
    maybe i should think about wearing my seatbelt when plowing ??? :eek:
  10. meathead1134

    meathead1134 Senior Member
    from MA
    Messages: 170

    Same here I just got my 1 million dollar policy at 4:00pm. I also got 1 commercial account but it has 5 places! I woke up on Turkey Day and it was snowing pretty good out there. I sat around for a hour went out side and measured it was 1.5 inches of snow. I've got a 2 inch trigger, I cleaned off my truck moved my cars hooked up the plow and then it started to rain :realmad: Since the plow was hooked up I ended up plowing my driveway. I put the plow back in the garage got dressed and had dinner at the inlaws.
  11. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    Congrats Mark! Good to see ya gittin r done bro!

    Its a lot of fun, that first time plowing isn't it!!!! :redbounce :drinkup:

    Now you lucky dawg send me some snow dangit! I got my plow on a couple days ago, fabricated the mount and wired it up, its all ready to go!!!

    Dear lord, please give me a great winter, with 3" snows every other day all winter long! payup :nod:

    MOW ME OVER Senior Member
    Messages: 209

    Amen to that wish Eric. Oh and send some down my way this year to Mark.