First run with a poly edge...

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Well, we finally got our first few inches of accumulation yesterday. Unfortunately, it was wet snow, and once it got packed down, forget about about it. But, I got to try out my new poly edge for the first time.

Overall, the pro's out weigh the cons. Pro's: quiet, definately easier on the truck, didn't rip up any grass, and it was a lot more forgiving when I forgot where a few of the speed bumps were. Con's: Didn't scrape as well as I thought it would and it chattered (I think that will go away with a little more wear).

After it stopped snowing and I was able to come home and do my own driveway, I pulled in and backdragged it out to the end so I could push it into my front lawn. After driving over the snow I pulled out, it was packed down pretty well. I wen't over it with the plow probably 5-times, and didn't even make a dent in it. My own speedbump at the end of my driveway. Hopefully this will improve with wear.

One thing I was EXTREMELY thankful for was the fact that I left about 1.5" of polyurethane hanging out at each end of the plow to scrape along curbs with. This was probably worth the cost of the edge in itself. Couple that with the fact that the main lot I do is littered with speedbumps. Overall, I'm happy with it. This was a pretty difficult snow to judge it by. Although, now that I think about it, my partners new MVP with a steel edge didn't do much better at scraping than mine did, so I'll see next time...


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Slimjim- i forget what truck/plow ur using. I wonder if poly edges work better/worst on different plows. I think ill try the edge on my tractor first. Where did u get ur edge dino maybe?


Western CT
Good to hear some testimony from new users. Looks like you are overall please with it. Even though it has less scraping ability. Does your Sno-way have downpressure?


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Grosse Ile, Mi.
Yes, good testimony is what I like to hear, am getting my poly edge here in a couple weeks. Can't wait, I did a search, but couldn't find a thread that had installation "tips and ideas". Stuff like which size to get, how much to leave hang on the bottom and sides. Anyone have a direction for me? Thanx. Happy plowing.
I am especially curious about which thickness to get.
See ya's
I too am quite happy over-all with my U-Edge. They work terrific on gravel surfaces, and seem to scrape as well as a steel edge. I left an inch on each side of my blade, and I'm glade I did. It's been a while, and I forgot a few curbs, but I was plowing 8"-12" of snow. The wear on the edge was non existant, it did not even start to break in. Only beef I have is as Slim stated, to much chatter on dry surfaces. However I too beleive this will pass with age.

Waterchikn--- has all the infomation you will need to install.

John DiMartino Veteran
Tim,the edge will scrape better with time,I left my plow down for a few miles on wet roads,this helped wear it in,it also will stop chattering once its worn in,unless you mounted it to low.If you dont run it down it wil take several storms just to wear the edge in to the right angle

Western Michigan

Myself and 5 of my subs all pushing this snow all felt we had poor scraping and cleanup of all our lots. The salted ones may have been an exception, but even those were not as nice as usual. It just was a factor of this type of snow. I am the only one of the 6 running poly, and all the guys were complaining, so it wasnt the edge in my opinion. I sold three more of the edges this week to guys that plowed alongside of me, so if there was a difference, they didnt seem to notice.

Maybe Dino will discuss here the angle he puts in his edges to begin with, along with the specifics of how to do it. Maybe that would help.


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We put a poly edge on our six foot skid steer blade at the university I work at. We have about six miles of sidewalks with about two of those in pavers .Great results so far. not quite the scraping ability but should protect the pavers much better. noise level is much better also. Skid bucket edge results are similar but is wearing faster because of all the extra downpressure.

Somerville MA.
Last week was the first time out for my father with the poly, and he loved it. The best part for him was plowing lots that look like the moon :eek: and according to him the plow never tripped. Normally you would trip the plow four or five times on each pass and if you are going over 3mph you will just about lose your teeth on the steering wheel. This is a lot that is so bad that most subcontractors will not plow it for us, even for extra cash!

Just have to put mine on now.
SlimJim Z71

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Overall... I am very pleased with this edge. As I said, this was a strange storm. Once the snow was driven over, it would pack down, and freeze VERY fast... so I don't blame the poly edge for the lack of scaping ability. I'm very envious of Conrad's Western MVP though... boy do those things clean up nice!!!

As for installation, it's hanging down about 1-3/4" below the moldboard, and about 1.5" out on each end. I think I could've gone a little lower from the board, but if I decide this is necessary, I can just flip the edge over (the holes are offset from the center by about 1/2", so if I flip it over, it'll hang lower).

The chattering will stop. It has barely, and I mean BARELY, started to wear in. Even if it never scrapes as well, I'd still stand behind it in the fact that it saves wear and tear on me, my truck, and the pavement. Thanks Dino!

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Dayton, Ohio USA
Riding with a friend a few years ago before I got into plowing I wouund up ON the dash when he forgot a speed bump until the last second. Last time I ever got into a plow truck without a seat belt. (They weren't mandated back then)


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Somerset, NJ
"Maybe Dino will discuss here the angle he puts in his edges to begin with, along with the specifics of how to do it. Maybe that would help."

Find an empty lot somewhere (at night?) and put the blade down and drive in reverse for about 5 minutes. This will start the wearing in & help with the chatter. I found that the chatter was a lot less when the plow was angled, so when trying to break them in I made sure they were in situations where they would be angled & where I'd get to angle them both ways so as to wear it in evenly. Because the wear so little it will probably take a few storms to break them in & for the chatter to go away. I can't remember how long that took, but I'm waiting for snow to break in another newly installed one. If I recall correctly they will scrape better after they're broken in also. With the chatter being experienced now they are scraping more like a steel edge at this point.

"Yes, good testimony is what I like to hear, am getting my poly edge here in a couple weeks. Can't wait, I did a search, but couldn't find a thread that had installation "tips and ideas". Stuff like which size to get, how much to leave hang on the bottom and sides. Anyone have a direction for me?"

As far as size etc., the most common thickness for most 1\2 through 1 ton truck plows is the 1.5" thick yellow one. You can overlap up to 3" on each side I believe, and you should try to only have around 2" hanging below your mold board. Dino or the other dealers can send you an easy work sheet that helps with the exact measurements for your plow. I took a series of installation pictures of the last one I installed that may help first time installers. If you want to see them PM me with your E-mail addy.


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Glenview, Ill.
We have been using polyurethane edges for almost five seasons on our front blades and on our Pull Plows for two seasons with excellent results, and have found that the cleaning of most surfaces is even better than that of steel due to the edge contouring the ground. We install with between 1 1/2" to 2" exposed past the bottom of the moldboard, using a 1" thick edge. We have not had any trouble with blade "studder" as with rubber edges, but would like to suggust that if anyone does experiance "studder" or "hop" try driving in reverse with the blade lowered on a "dry" concrete surface to take some of the squareness off the edge. Sorry if my first post reads like a book. Hope that this can be of some help to others thinking of changing edges.


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I know several people who have used a 3"x 1/4" flat stock to use as a retainer. I have heard some use the washers, but havent witnessed first hand how that worked out.

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