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No big deal for you snow belt guys, but we got to plow today! 1st time I've ever plowed in November, esp. before turkey day. I now have one MORE thing to be thankful for........
Almost missed it, too.
Got up at 3am; not enuf snow.
Got up at 4am; not enuf snow.
Got up at 5am; not enyf snow.
So I said heck with it, it's not gonna snow.
Friend calls me at 6:30 & asks if I've looked outside yet. 2 more inches in 1.25 hrs.!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Now it's 6:30 & no one has been plowed yet! But we managed, & most folks understood. Nothing like waking up under the gun..........

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