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First plowable event here--results

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by NPMinc, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. On Tues we had a 4-5" snowfall here. Had the guys out for 14 hours and this actually went pretty smooth for the first event of the year with the exception of the boss (me).

    The Good: All accounts serviced in a timely manner, only 1 justifiable complaint from a customer (which me running there and plowing for less than half hour resolved).

    The Bad: Found myself having to micromanage the crews to ensure work was done timely and properly (normal for the first event of the year). Had to clean up one site (an apt complex) after the sub crew told me they were done and left leaving the site only partially done.(luckily I noticed this on a site check and was able to call other crews in to finish with me before the powers to be realized what happend).

    The Ugly: My ride---the newest in the fleet mind you decided to have issues and lose the plow lights an hour in so after checking the obvious and not having time to mess around I run and grab a backup truck and while carrying a TGS01 spreader to put on I slip and fall with the spreader landing on my chest and abdomen and the motor barely missing the family jewels lol. Then while plowing and dealing with a phone call I hit a slick patch on a downhill grade with the plow angled sharp, slide into a pile and the angled back side hits and damages the bumper and cracks the turn signal lens on the truck. No one to yell at this time lol I did it!

    All in all it was a good event that will provide the business with some much need cash inflow and was a good small scale storm to use as a "dress rehearsal" How did everyone elses event go?
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    Where ru......?