First plow rigs?


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Since we're all just sitting here twiddling our thumbs, I thought it might be interesting to hear about some of our fist plow rigs.

Mine was a 1947 Case VAC farm tractor with a 7 foot blade that my Dad had built the frame for. I started plowing at 7 years old, the blade was manually angled (had to get Dad to do that). No cab, no heat, 6 volt lighting. We chained a trash can to the drawbar and filled it with rocks for ballast. I remember the carburator used to ice up when the temp. was around 32. When I was 12, he let me plow a few driveways in the neighborhood and a career was born!

Anyone else?

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Started in 1977 as "angle boy" for my Dad and his '58 Jeep Station Wagon w/Meyer. Then my Dad bought a 1968 Cub Cadet 125. 12hp One holer Kohler, and hydrostatic drive. Originally had a 40 some inch plow. Then we added a single stage blower!! Chains wheel weights and 150lb weight box kept it moving.

Moving on to a '76 Chevy (350/350hp 4sp NP205) with that same MANUAL angle plow mounted on it.

Then on to a new ST-90 POWERangle Meyer on the '76.

Then to my new '90 K3500 with that same ST-90 POWERangle Meyer (bent that like a bananna plowing roads)

Off came the MEYER and on went a 8'2" BOSS V plow on the '90 Chevy.

Next came an the purchase of the '75 Chevy Burban of my Dads. Bought a C-8 Meyer blade to replace one of my "banannaed" ST-90 Meyers that ended up on it.

Still have both the '75 (Meyer C-8) and '90 (BOSS).

NOW all I need is some white stuff this year!!


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I just purchased my 1st. brand new 7.5 foot myer for a 99 yukon. I'm trying to save some money by plowing the lot for the parking lot of my buisness (a funeral home). I'm brand new to this but from the research I've done it seems like my truck is plenty beefy in the front end to handle both this plow and the one lot I'll be clearing and possibly a few driveways here and there. $3300 (w tax) myers mdII mounting system, 7 foot 6 inch installed. Any input would be great. I think it was a fair deal By the way this site has been extremely helpful in my decision making regarding my truck, my lot, and snow removal equipment. Thanks fellas.

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First truck I plowed with was my fathers 64 j200 jeep pickup, 7.5 meyers power angle 6cyl three sp stik. That truck plowed up to the winter of 87 . Wish they still made those trucks, they really could push mountains of snow. Then bought a 86 f250 w/ 8ft fisher. Then a 87 gmc 8ft fisher.

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This is my first year snowplowing. Bought an used, but reconditioned 6.5' Fisher Minute Mount. Installed it on my 1989 Toyota pickup. Made some improvements on my truck like upgrading with Optima Yellow Top deep cycle battery. CT18fireman helped me with setup suggestions. Two weeks ago I plowed for the first time. My truck seems to be handling the plow very well. Plenty of power, especially when plowing in 4 low.


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I started plowing with a John Deere 110 garden tractor w/ a homemade rear blade in 1977. Next winter I bought a new front blade,wheel weights,and chains. I started plowing drives for people around town. I would drive the tractor around town from job to job. Then in 1984 Dad bought a 1979 Ford F-250 w/ a 7.5 ft. Meyers plow. He would let me use it to do my plowing. I have a 1989 Ford F-250 w/ a 7.5 Western plow now.


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First and current plowrig, my 1964 Bush Hog V3-6 ( Vari-Drive, 3 speed, 6hp orginally, now 8hp though) garden tractor with first a 36" homemade wood ( don't laugh, it would shove dirt ) straight blade, didn't angle. That was 1999, but i never plowed any snow with it because the float was stuck on the carb and i didn't wanna tear it down so we never got to plow it that year, which woulda been my first year at it, but anyhow the next year, 2000, I got a 40" steel homemade blade my grandpa gave me that he'd made for an old Wheel Horse, and i adapted it to my tractor. Then later that winter i made a soft side cab. This year my rig is updated: i made a 48" fully adjustable vplow ( pics coming soon ) and i remodled my cab to be hardsides and more airtight ( still not perfectly airtight but alot better ) and i'm probably getting a heater for it too and i got some lights on it. I'm moving up. Oh yea, i'm 14 1/2 yrs old now. If i could dream a plowtruck it would be a 2002 Ford F350 single rear wheels, 4wd, w/Powerstroke deisel, extended cab ( either silver or white in color, i think silver would look better for snowplowing) and 9' Boss Vplow, joystick controller of course.


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first plow truck

was 72 CJ-5 Myer manual angle plow. Started out with a 304 V-8 4 barrel but that wasn't enough so I put in a 427 BB wow now that was fun!!! I got started plowing about 1 week after buying the CJ when I drove by a stuck Ambulance in a drive with FLASHERS on trying to go the hosiptal. I pulled it out a the owner said to stop by later & talk well he hooked me up with a mall to plow the sidewalks & I did some res. drives & made over $7000.00(1974) part-time. I've been hooked ever since & still enjoy plowing after 27 yrs. SNOW is great!!:D :D


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My first rig was a 1976 Ford F250 HI-Boy model. 390 gas w/ 4 spd stick and lockouts. I loved that truck. 1989 was my first year pushing. Installed a brand new Meyers C-7.5 w/ E-47. By the time the plow went on, I had swapped in a 460, 6" of total lift w/ 35 inch tires. (I built the lift myself) It was a snow pushing hog!!!:D That truck pushed up untll 1999. We run mostly new trucks now.


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first plow

This year is my first year too....I have a 91 f250 with a 7 1/2 ft western unimount far so good on the truck...does not sage when the plow is on as long as I have about 600 pounds of salt in the back.....still waiting for snow......

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Bought a "basket case" truck/plow in '97, for use as a yard truck with plans to put it on the road the following year. Mid - 70's 3/4-ton running gear with '81 tin dropped onto the frame - and I do mean dropped, there weren't any bolts holding the cab on when I got it!

The plow (old 8' Western ProPlow) and a good portion of the truck was in the back, somehow I got the whole mess together and used it that winter to plow the lot at the shop I rent. Despite a few minor items that quit working over the course of the season (brakes, transfer case, tailights etc) I got through the winter but scrapped the idea of putting the truck on the road. After salvaging the good parts, I scrapped the truck too.

Did a bunch of metal fab work and rebuilt the plow, and made mounts to hang it on my '75 C-35 dually. Still using it, now that I've started the "Long-term K35 project" I hope to have 4x4 running gear under the old truck for next winter.


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First plow rig

Well it really was'nt mine but I thought it was.
Started plowing befor the age of 10 behind the wheel of a 56 Willy's with a 6 ft Meyer (it was yellow anyway) manual angle blade. 4 cyl, 3 speed manual tranny, military tires w/chains, and a drivers side only vacuum operated wiper.
It accually was the property of the U of M botanical gardens.
But my grandfather was the matainance and grounds supervisor.
So I cut my teeth early on with snow removal. I thought I was the top dog plow master. Gramps just grinned and said "DONT GET STUCK BOY."
Man I wish he was still here.
Now, 32 yrs older, and after 15 yrs. of plowing for various other companies, I bought a new truck and am installing the new Western on it tomorrow.
So I guess the 02 Super-Duty is my "real" first rig.


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Dayton, Ohio USA
1975 K-5 Blazer but only plowed a couple of times with the blade that I picked up for next to nothing and have no idea what it was, that was in '78. Two winters ago got an old Ranch King 18hp tractor given to me bought a 42" blade for driveways, a 125lb Agri-Fab pull spreader and contracted a 109 home plat for salting. Last season bought a 1985 K-2500 and a 7.5 Western pro plow, put on a 400# stainless Western spreader and started contracting. This season added a 1980 C-70 dump with 10' Western HD blade and under tailgate hydraulic spreader.
The Ranch King still does a good job for sidewalks and small drives.


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First truck I plowed with was a '74 or '75 Chevy 1/2 ton short box with a 7' who-knows-what plow. It had a Monarch pump that ran off the engine drive belt and the two rods that stuck out of the bottom of the dash to control the up and down and angle. I was plowing for a guy who had (still has) a good size plowing-and landscaping-company. This guy's philosophy was to keep fixing up his old pieces of #@%t and plow with them until they fell apart, and this rattletrap was about the worst in the fleet. (Hey the guy is still around...)

Several years later when me and my brother decided to go at it on our own, I hung a 7.5 Western with pro-wings on the front of my '89 Chevy 1500. It had a 350 and 5 speed manual trans. I beefed the engine quite a bit and put in a Hurst short throw shifter. My brother always said I was nuts for plowing with a stick, but truth is, that truck would push any amount of snow you put in front of it ( and it was a blast to drive). I plowed with it for 4 years. It was a sharp truck, I hope to post some pics of it and it's replacement for this year, my '99 Chevy 2500, soon.

PS: Snow coming this week to Mich...:D


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my first plow rig was a 1970 massey Ferguson garden tractor. My dad had a snowblower on it but it was too heavy for the small tractor and would plug up all the time. I took the blower off and made a plywood blade for it... I even bolted a 3/8"X3" steel cutting edge on it. Worked good for a couple years until the snow storms started getting bigger.

The next rig was a 72 Chevy blazer with a 7.5' fisher plow. I used that from 77 until 86 and then got a 1/2 ton Chevy pickup with a 7.5' fisher. I didn't like it as much as the blazer so moved up in 89 to a Chevy 2500 that had a 8' Diamond blade on it. I just sold that this summer and bought the New Chevy 2500HD with a fisher 8.5' V-Plow on it.... Looking forward to plowing with it if we ever get snow!
My first plow truck was a 75 chevy 4 spd. (never again) with a 7' 5" snow bear plow, no hydraulics, just had a winch and chain to lower and raise, no power angle either (NEVER again). Next one was a lifted 85 blazer with 35" tires and older Western plow (still run that plow), truck was so high, with plow raised all the way, all you could see was the top part of the guide sticks. Fun truck to play in, no fun to plow with. Ah, the good old days. Was only 3 or 4 years ago, but seems like yesterday.

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