first night plowing

andy bengtson

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se wisconsin
what do I really need my first night plowing? What has everyone found helpful stuff that they really wouldn't go out plowing with out.

should I have hydro fluid and stuff like that

Mick Veteran
The first night? Seriously - a shovel (not the "snow shovel" type), sand, a come-a-long, a cell phone, the # to a tow truck and coffee. If you've pulled maintenance on your equipment, you're not likely to need hydraulic fluid the FIRST night.


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Add a flashlight, WD-40, and a well equipped tool box. I carry both a snow shovel and a flat construction shovel, plus a hydraulic hose and hitch pin, as well as hydro oil. You may not need them the first night, but you may as well develope good habits from the start.

Eager Beaver

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Chuck Smith has a list of essentials on his web page to have in the truck. I haven't read it in quite awhile however I know I have used all the things recomended at least once during the season. Its the little things like a flashlight, extra gallon of windshield solution, etc. that you wish you had at 2:00 in the morning. Check it out !!!


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Walla Walla, WA
I thought he said the things you REALLY need......

1.Coffee Thermos

2. Spare CD's (get tired hearing the same one over and over)

3. Restroom that is open at 2:00 AM

4. a De-stressor (needed for those parked cars, people who
are in the way,and any other crazy out at night)

5. Spare Truck Key (for when you lock yourself out).

6. Extra Cell-phone battery (because your wife has called 100
times wondering if you will get home in time for breakfast.):D :D

I sure we can all think of more REALLY important stuff.


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Somerset, nj
Looking over this thread I figure it would be a good place to ask a few questions about some "emergency" problems. Say I blow one of my hydro hoses. Do I have to drain all the fluid out and then refill the res. as I would if i were changing all the fluid or could i just attach the new hose, and add fluid to the resivoir? I've searched under Hydro hoses and blown hoses and came up with a little info but more is always better.;)


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Restroom that is open at 2:00 AM
You're kidding, right?
when you lock yourself out
I'm not pickin' on you, your post indicates your town must be a lot different than mine. We don't worry much about restrooms here, there are plenty of discrete locations to take care of business. I can't remember the last time I locked my truck....wait a just came to me. I parked in a rough neighborhood a few weeks ago, first time I used the locks on the new truck.

just attach the new hose, and add fluid to the resivoir
That's it!


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Southwestern Pa.
One of our trucks has an anti theft system that locks the doors when you turn the key on. Two years ago the driver (not me) locked himself out in front of the entrance to a fancy condo building with the truck sitting idling.... had to wait for somebody to bring a spare key. :rolleyes:

We don't worry much about restrooms here, there are plenty of discrete locations to take care of business
There are some things I just don't want to do in a snowbank. One of our accounts has a Porta-John for the 18-wheeler drivers that are often waiting there for several hours. It has come in *extremely* handy at many a 2 a.m. :eek:

My first night plowing I took a six-pack of Dr Pepper along. (I'm not a coffee drinker.) I didn't drink it all and when it froze the cans burst. There's still Dr. Pepper stains on the ceiling of that truck....
Definitly bring FOOD. Cookies, a sandwich, banana's or whatever and stuff to drink. When i'm out plowing i get so hungry and it seems like i'm never close to a 24 hr convience store when i need one. I need food every couple hours when i'm not asleep, so thats my advice, oh yah don't forget the tow rope too.

Dan Schulte

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SE Michigan
Reading C.Smiths thread a few weeks ago I bought a bucket for salt, hand spreader, ice pick, spare gas can, spare truck and spreader fuses, anti freeze, tow rope, windshield solution and emergency part kits for each plow. Got the flashlights, etc... weeks ago. To rinse out the spreaders I also put a roll of quarters in each truck for automatic washers.


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:D :D :D
Don't forget dog food. I always bring my best friend with me!!!!


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