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First Break Down during a storm.


PlowSite.com Veteran
Well I had to put a back up truck into use for the first time. I have a broken down truck. 97 F 250 HD with an 8.5' Diamond plow, E-60 Electric pump.

Drives puts the plow down, and it won't come back up. The siliode was clicking like it wa suposed to. However no power tested at the bolt on the motor. So he replaced the siliode just to see what would happen. No luck, still no response, so he pots his jumper cables to the neg and postive terminal on the pump. The Plow angles to the left, however it won't raise or angle the other way, but it will lower.

My guess and my mechanics guess right now, at almost 11 PM, is bad battery cables to the pump. I doubt it is a controller, but maybe.

I told the driver to get in the back up and plow with that. We will deal with the other truck tommorrow. Its kinda a stage problem, because the motor does work.

Any Ideas?


Back to plowing


Western CT
If he just hooked up the jumpers to the pump and did not operate the control it will angle left. That is the position with no input from the control. From this I would say it is a bad power lead. Maybe a connection at the Battery, Solenoid, Plug or Pump. Just thinking out loud. Let us know what happens.

How much you got?


Senior Member
If your wiring set up is factory, get rid of the quick connect at the pump. Throw that thing away, cut off the ends to the leads from the battery and ground. Put eyelets on them and hook direct. Those quick connects are only good for a few hookups and then they start to loose strength. Good luck

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member

It is the motor ground. If you have not replaced the E-60 motor yet, it still has a single lug on it. Just for the + wire. The motor grounds through the pump. The aluminum mating to steel makes for a corrosion nightmare. A thick white crust.

Meyer's replacement motor has the ground lug on the motor itself. End of ground problems. You run a short jumper wire from the ground lug on the motor, to the old ground bolt at the pump housing. The 2 screws that hold the motor to the pump housing strip quite easily too, be careful. The good news is if you strip them, the pump cover that they bolt to sells for $29 around here. Seems the corrosion eats the aluminum threads with the steel screws in them.

Wait until you see the rust and corrosion on the carbon brush springs. Might want to pick up a spare E-60 motor, and take this one to an electric motor shop. Have them replace the carbon brush springs, and add a ground lug to it.

And if the motor ground is not the problem now, just wait and it will be. Get those 2 lug motors.

I learned all this is a snowstorm. Spent 2 hours messing with it. Took the motor off the pump, worked fine with jumper cables. Mount it, it didn't work, solenoid clicking just like you describe. Tried a wire brush, a file, and dielectric grease, new tooth washers, motor then worked intermitently.



PlowSite.com Veteran
Wasn't the ground.

The connections for the ground or pos, in the quick disconnect was no good. The mechanic fixed it when time allowed, and the truck was back up on the road.



PlowSite.com Addict
Central CT
Originally posted by GeoffD
Wasn't the ground.
The connections for the ground or pos, in the quick disconnect was no good.
So, it was the ground. Just not where you thought it would be ;)

Nice thing about posting about our troubles and/or failures, makes the learning curve a little softer.