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First annual snow plowing barbecue

n y snow pros

Senior Member
Well we have come to the realization that there is a tremendous amount of interest in this event from both vendors and those in the snow plowing field.We will hold our first of hopefully many get togethers on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30, STARTING AT 10am TO 5pm. Any and all vendors and snow nuts such as myself are welcome.The cost will be $10.00 for all the food ,drink,and liturature you can carry.We will also have free raffles and give aways.The barbecue will be at my shop at 186 Cottage Street in Poughkeepsie, New York. We are about 1.5 hours north of NYC right along the Hudson river.Anyone interested in helping organizing our event call me at 845-485-4200.Any vendors interested in showing there equipment please contact me for details.


2000 Club Member
John, e=mail my wife, and get permission. Thatdate is our anniversery, and I need a written permission slip from you for her to sign before I can go, and even then dont count on me being there.

n y snow pros

Senior Member
event help

Thanks John DiMartino for offering to help i will be in touch this week.The same for u Shellie thanks for the offer we will call u as well.Anyone else interested in lending a hand on getting this off the ground please call me at 845-485-4200.And Ms Dino can Dino come out to play on the 30th i promise i wont make him stay too late for the barbecue or better yet why dont u come to the get together with Dino!


PlowSite.com Addict
John, I'm a little far away to be much help but I'm hoping to have my son along, as well as another plowing buddy from up here, might also bring along a part time driver of ours too.

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member

You can pencil me in. I plan to attend, and maybe even bring my brother along. The only thing that could stop me is my future wife taking a business trip, and me having to watch the kids. It sounds like a great day is planned for all. I REALLY hope to make it. It will be great to meet the men behind the words on this message board.

~Chuck Smith
Snow Plowing Discussion Moderator

n y snow pros

Senior Member

So far we now have Pro Tec pushers,Bobcat,Caterpillar,Sno-way,Boss plows,Heniker,John Deere and Turf Magazine attending.We are also going to make the 1st annual barbecue free.There will be no charge for attending all that we ask is that you contact us by phone to let us know how many people will be attending. our telephone number is 914-485-4200.If we are not there just leave a message with how many people.

Thanks for the note and the invite. I would like to make the feast, but I am already booked to visit a composite factory in of all places Las Vegas from the 22nd of September to the 25th. It is then on from there to Southern California to see my daughter and my Grandson Joey who I haven't seen in a year. I will be home on October 01, 2000.

If Dino was going or maybe Alan Nadeau could bring some samples etc for you guys to see.


Got your note also. I've got the pricing set up, I can mail it or FAX it or what ever you want. Let me know. No we don't get worn edges back. Our cusomers use them right down to the nubs. The door is always open to come by, or just come down 91 to89 and south to exit 12A come to Springfield and i'll have everything at the house. I'll even let you drive my tractor.

As you said think blizzard it was 29oF here this morning a good start I think



i will come with a curtis snowplow mike,m&j auto andtruck
i can show john parker the curtis plow and maybe he will
give up on hinker plows

n y snow pros

Senior Member
Ford has now also joined the list of attendees to our barbecue and we have decided to call it the Snow Plow Expo as we seem to be getting a huge response from contractors and vendors to show there equipment.Again the date is set for SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30 FROM 9AM TO 5 PM FOR MORE
INFORMATION CALL 914-485-4200.We presently have the following coming