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What is the firing order on a Chevy 350? is the #1 cylinder the front one on the drivers side? Also what torque spec should the harmonic balancer bolt be tightened to? Thanks, this may save a trip to the library.

John DiMartino Veteran
1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2-,the torque on tha balance i dont know off hand,but i bet its in the 50 -60 ft lb range,not sure though.#1 is on the drivers side all the way in front#2 is on the pass side in front,right bank is 2-4-6-8,left -s 1-3-5-7-.Good luck.
Balancer bolt is 70 ft-lbs for pre 86,and 60 ft-lbs for 86 and up.Make sure you use loctite (blue),clean any gunk out of the bolt hole,and run a tap down the crank beforehand.A new balancer bolt is always good insurance,and a lot cheaper than a new crank.John was right on the firing order and cyl#1.#1 on the cap should be about the 2 o'clock position on the cap.If you ever need to determine which cyl is #1 on any "V" engine,regardless of engine make,just look at the front of the engine and one cylinder head will be slightly farther forward than the other.That side (front plug) is number one.

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