finally-the snow has come bach too IOWA!


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Bettendorf, Iowa
we finally got it! 9.2" i have been waiting all year for snow!i have all these large scale accounts and was looking to do real good this year. when it finally came though i learned real quick that you better check out your subs real good. i had three subs either not show or screw up accounts real bad. whole thing turned into a nightmear. meeting new guys today too see if they can handle what i can give them. any body in the quad cities on here looking for more work and you are dependable give me a call!
McKinley Tree Service... im in the book!


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winterset iowa
yeah finally a little snow, about 6 inches or so. it was pretty wet and heavy to scoop. got to try out my plow, worked great.
my lots look better than the city streets, i think they gave up cause it was pretty warm today.

hope this isnt the only snow we get!!!
Mark K
We got our 10"-12" over here on Wed/Thurs. Wet, nasty heavy, stuff that took about twice as long to oush as normal. Spent 17 hours in the truck, the last four helping a friend/competitor who broke down 2/3 of his trucks. Half tons, Meyer snow plows, and 10" of wet cement, what a combination. Glad to help, could be me someday. Everything from early on froze underneath, no traction even in the gravel lots. Pre-salting on the blacktops made all the difference. Now for the next one:rolleyes:


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Northwestern IL
SCL, You ever get in a bind give me a ring. I am in Dixon Doing a few accounts so I could help if you ever need it. We did pretty well with this storm. Done in about 12 hours and everything went well. I pre-salted for the first time and could tell a difference in the traction in those lots. My cell number is 499-5559.