Finally snow!


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I'm here in Markham Ontario and I kept putting off doing a test run of my residentials and I will be paying for it tonight. Last year I plowed with my 4wd not working properly for the whole season. Tonight was the first time I could run more than 5 minutes in 4wd and not have the front axle clunking because of the shift fork being worn out. I am going to enjoy this snow! If there is any toronto guys that read this and like to go off roading I'm always up for it.

hey neighbour,
I'm over in Port Perry. We got about 5" here yesterday that caught me by surprise, hadn't even listened to the forecast yesterday.

Sorry, but I like my wheels on the road. I do plan on getting my sled back on the trail this winter though.


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Hey Martyman,

I live in Willowdale, but work in Richmond Hill. I was out from 10pm till 6am this morning! Trying to take it easy on the new truck and plow.

Anyway, do you know of any places to go off-roading? I've been tempted to enter a few construction sites, but I'd probably be in trouble if I got stuck.

I have a set of Goodyear Wrangler AT/S tires I'm waiting to get mounted, then I'd like to go off-roading, let me know.

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