finally got to you guys

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    howdy guys!!found your forum today and did some reading on guys are down right interesting. i'm 28 years old and started my snow removal service 5yrs ago. glad to say i am also insured, my wife sells insurance so that was the first thing she forced me to do.i am a one man operation with several accounts. the equipment i use is as follows.
    94 f250 std cab, snoway plow with down pressure. JD tractor with snowblower. honda three wheeler with custom snow blade. also have two suzuki samurai's.i do all of my own maintainence,hence i love to read and pay attention to what you guys are full time job takes most of my time. i own my own conveinence store so i am wise beyond my years.
    just wanted to say HI !! looking forward to discussing things with you.
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    Welcome Dyna plow,Hope this site helps you and you put your 2 cents in like the others as i have learned a great deal from this forum.Its nice to know there really are other snow nuts around like myself.
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    Stumbled upon this forum? ;) Glad you came over Dan. I knew the name DYNA PLOW looked familiar. I recognized it from your registration in my Contractors Directory. This is a great forum. You will not learn more anywhere else! I hope you look through the archives here, as there is a ton of information! You can network with REAL PROS from all over the USA here. This is by far the best information resource on the internet for those in the snow & ice removal business. You get input from many different angles here. Well, you've been reading, so I'm sure you've seen the great bunch we have here. The information is endless. As a professional, you might want to read the threads here about SIMA.

    Just wanted to welcome you aboard Dan!

    I warn you, this forum is addictive!!! Just ask anyone here's wife!

    ~Chuck Smith
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    Welcome Dynaplow,, nice to see someone else running Sno-Way.
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    WARNING.... WARNING.....

    Do NOT stay on this forum.
    Do NOT visit this forum.
    DANGER, Will Robinson... DANGER !!!!

    DYNA PLOW.... I'm tellin you right NOW.... If you stay here and look around too much - we WILL corrupt you. We are all sick and we love the snow. We love this forum. It's like a drug. Once you start you CANNOT stop. You'll end up with gooey mess's in front of your computer (can I say that Chuck ?? - remember, Dino said it first).

    Anyway... continuing on.....

    DANGER !!!

    You will learn much more than just snowplowing stuff. You will learn that there are sick people in just about every state - including, but not limited too.... Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey... and (unfortunately) many more.

    Your business will expand. Your knowledge will grow to the point where you brain will hurt from all the input data. Your profits will go up and then you start buying BIG trucks. You'll end up staying up late and (dare I say it) ignoring your wife..... then the kids....

    I'm tellin you man..... get out while you still can....

    I'm a prime example.... I stayed away from here for months, because I was warned... But I just HAD TO LOOK. Just once..... and..... now I have.... no choice.... in the matter..... I can't.... help myself.... anymore.....

    In fact.... I'm going on vacation next week.... on a cruise ship in the Carribbean.... and I'm... not sure.... how...I'll survive the entire week in the sun.... without .... a..... TERMINAL !!!!!!!


    EEEEIIIIIEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dynaplow, welcome to the looney bin!!! You will learn a great deal from this wild bunch. Just sign up early for the sub branch of this group.. its called "THE WIFE'S MAD AT ME CLUB" . I am filling out my application now ( my wife thinks I am looking at Dino's porn sites! Ha ha ha

    John ( NY SNOWPROS) , you missed an opportunity to personally extoll the virtues of Magic. Man are u slipping !!!

    John A .. A Vacation? The Caribbean? There is no snow there! You could always get a laptop and a wireless modem... But then again your wife would most likely throw you overboard to the sharks and barracudas..
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    Oh yeah.... I can just see that now...."Honey, I gotta call in, I be down to the pool in a few hours".

    Those of you who DO know Peggy, will understand it when I say that her response would be "NOT".
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    Your right JCurtis i blew my opportunity here to talk to someone new about Magic.Now ill make up for it.Hay DYNAPLOW ever here of a Anti-icing and De-icing product called Magic? Well just ask me please what it is and i would be happy to show how to increase your profits,save you time and lower your labor costs.Magic is used by 1 man operations as well as snow operations that gross over a million dollars.Size doesnt matter here when it comes to Magic anyone large or small can use it and gain by it.
    John P
    PS was that better JCurtis
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    Holy cow....

    Where's the banner ad ??? It must be in that post somewhere ??

    (just kidding John)
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    Yes John it was!!!

    BTW I will be calling you next week, and placing that order.
    Thanks again for meeting with Joe and I last weekend.

    you want me to place the order through you or Norm?
  12. JCurtis

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    You be Jammin man!, have a nice vacation! Enjoy the sun and sand!

    Watch out for that Jamaician rum, called Diesel. Its wicked man!

    It burns with a blue flame... Maybe we could use it in our trucks and loaders. Where is John Parker and his tank truck when you need him? HA HA HA

    Seriously, have fun and try not to think about us poor slobs back here on da mainland dealin with the everyday stuff, like bids and equipment maintenance etc.

    Make you feel guilty yet?

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    I didn't think so, but I had to try !!!!
  15. iowastorm

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    Looney bin? I though this place was normal. BTW John, thanks for putting Iowa on top of the list; makes me proud.
    Hail SIMA! Hail Magic! Hail J.A.!
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    I'm not sick I feel fine,as for you John the worst will be coming back and having to read all the posts you missed and then typing for days trying to impart all of your wisdom to us the lowly.Have a nice vacation, you need to take some Magic along incase you should happen to come across a stray ICE berg on your way to Carribbean.
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    Welcome Dana Plow...J.A. Have great Vac...Looney Bin,Normal...Whats normal?Its sure not my average snow fall compared to rest of you "Snow Nuts"
  18. GeoffD

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    John, thanks for making maine second, however we should be first. I think when it comes to snow removel and practice, and just the way of life, we are more wacked than anyone.

  19. John Allin

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    Let me get this straight.....

    Now we are arguing about who is the sickest of the bunch ??

    I can't wait to get outta this place for awhile.....
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    Ok, i admit that i took a break from reading the snow plow forum, was busy posting on the 'greener' forums and making money. You guys have definitely been away from the snow for too long. This place was no where this cracked last winter when we were all busy pushing the white stuff around.
    I'm getting outta here before any of that gooey stuff leaks out of here and lands in Virginia!