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Final List of MEYER and WESTERN Plow Parts.... E-47 Plow Pump, 2 Blades, Lights, Wire

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by NickDe03, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. NickDe03

    NickDe03 Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    I am selling the following Meyer and Western snow plow components on EBay. I am also open to ending the auctions for the right offer. Some items will end this coming Tuesday night around 9:45ish and the pump will end thursday night around 10ish. Let me know if you have any questions

    Meyer E-47 Rebuilt Hydrauilic Pump

    I am selling a rebuilt Meyer E-47 hydraulic pump. I sent this pump out to be rebuilt in October; every seal was replaced along with the hydraulic gears. The pump works perfectly. It goes up, down and side to side flawlessly. The only problem are two wires from the solenoids, they have small cracks in the lines and the same two are missing their quick connect ends. This doesn’t affect the function; however I would recommend fixing them. You can see what I’m talking about in the pics; I just rolled the wire over to make the pump function. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am 2 hours from NYC and DC and 40 mins from Philly.

    Here is a video of the pump functioning.



    Meyer / Western 7.5’ Snow Plow Blade
    I am selling a used Western plow blade that is set up for a Meyer mount. This blade is unique because the previous owner moved the A-frame eyelets out so it will hang on a Meyer mount. If you have a Western mount and would like the eyelets moved back in, i would be more than happy to cut them off and re-weld them for free. you can be present when i do so if you want. This plow is a very nice, heavy duty plow. It has some surface pitting but nothing that is deep. the edge has plenty of life left. the plow appears to be very structurally sound. the hydraulic rams work flawlessly. It has an initial coat of western red paint.
    Here is a video of it working.


    Meyer 7.5” Snow Plow Blade
    I am selling a used Meyer 7.5' snow plow blade. the blade has some rust right above the cutting edge. it is rusted through in a couple locations, the rust only goes up the blade about 1-2". You can patch the spots and or run it as is. It was used all of last winter with out any issues. The blade also comes with a 2 year old A-Frame that is in excellent shape. The hydraulics work flawlessly and the cutting edge has plenty of life on it. Buy the blade as a cost effective way to move some snow for the next several years as-is, buy is and patch it up and have an almost new set up or buy it to make use of the valuable components on it.
    Here is a video of it working.


    Used set of Meyer/Western Head Light Spacers
    I am selling a set of Meyer Head Light Spacers. They are in very nice condition. These go under your headlight to raise them up a few inches

    Meyer/Western Head Lights
    I am selling a used set of Meyer head lights. These are in very nice shape. It looks like one of the lenses have been replaced and the other is in very nice shape. I have not tested these, however i was told they worked when the previous owner removed them. They take generic lenses too.

    Meyer/ Western Head Light Wire Harness
    I am selling a used of Meyer head lights harness. This is designed for the older style light, Not the newer Light Saber Light. You can can check out the head lights that go with this harness in my other items. The harness appears to be complete and not butchered, however where the wires tee i guess they have a connection. It appears that some of the wires are corroded, this would be an easy fix to remove the tee, then cut and reconnect the wires.

    cell phone pics 224.jpg
  2. NickDe03

    NickDe03 Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    Everything but the pump ends tonight!!!!!