Finaally broke my 9-1 V


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Simmer down Tom...Im praising, not complaining (for the most part)

Well, It finally happened, I broke My snoway V. anyone that has been around for a while knows that I have had issues with my that as issues with the way it operates....not that it does not work...

but tonight I finally broke it...I was out at my farthest account (aint that always the way) & I shoved the last scraps off to the side & heard a "tink"....WTF???
Now, I am used to pops, bangs, squeal, hisses, groans, thuds, and the ocasional shreak from my plow, but I have never heard anything like the barley audible "Tink" that I heard tonight. I shrugged my shoulders & went to leave. Just another noise to add to the list.

Wait a minute...why wont the plow go up??? Crap I musta finally blew a out & all hoses are intact..what the???

allright, jump in & run it thru the motions...
Right...Check dice..????

run it to full scoop, get out with the 1/2" wrench & pull the cover...

No obvious problems.
climb back in the truck & run through all the worst case scenarios in my head.

....get out & look witha "Whats not right" attitude & i see it instantly. I broke my bellcrank (boy, if I had a nickle for every time Ive said them words :rolleyes: )

allright..I just gotta get it home.....I'll Just grab the ratchet strap & crank it up so I can drive home.... there is no good way to do that (the light tower will not support a 9-1 v-plow. I promise :angry:) but dont worry, it will next time.

Okay, gotta get it back to town.

lets just say that I am glad that there is an Icepac on the roads tonight and that the county has implemented salt rationing...otherwise I would have nothing left of my blade....

the county owes me money!!!! I plowed the eastbound 1/2 of US HWY 6 for over 7 miles!!!

Got it back to the shop & torn apart...will get it welded tomorrow. (yea yea, I know...5 year warranty, I gave up on that when my dealer made it clear that the downpressure voided it)

now, I have done alot of complaining about my plow for various reasons but to be completley fair about this one.... this is my 4th season plowing heavy comercial & this is the first "out of comission" breakage I have had.
(other than splitting the front axle in 1/2 on my ford, but that was truck...not plow) Luckily for me I was on my last account when it happened.

I gotta agree with VWOVW on this one... I may have problems with Sno-way, & I may have problems with some of the aspects of their plows, but they make a seriously tough "MF-ing" Vee plow.:salute:


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UglyTruck;519735 said:
Got it back to the shop & torn apart...will get it welded tomorrow. (yea yea, I know...5 year warranty, I gave up on that when my dealer made it clear that the downpressure voided it)

How did DP void your warranty?


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nbenallo33;519900 said:
im curious to know what damage it did to your plow while plowing for 7 miles on a county road was effectivly in float mode with the bellcrank broken, & like I said...we had 1" icepac last night...I never saw a spark.

I expected to push it into the shop & get out to find it ground down to the blade mounting holes, but it didnt seem to wear any off of the edges. lucky me huh??:confused:


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toby4492;519811 said:
Curious about the DP statement voiding your warranty also. Shoot me a PM and give me some further details.

Ill tell you what go and ask Brewer, Maas, & Steiner about it, while you are at it ask jason & erv at Tri-state... All of them opened my emails last march, april, May, & june. but aparently nobody had an answer because I never got so much as a response from anybody. & just for the record, yeah, I hit something with my downpressure Idle speed. If you wanna hear the story then look up my thread about the first blemish on my stainless skin. :yow!::realmad:

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