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I bought a new 2001 Chevy 2500HD last fall. Got it home and cleaned it up and got a coat of wax on it. While waxing it I noticed a lot of tiny spots on the hood and roof where the paint had bubbled and had little chips out of the paint. Took it back to the dealer, said it was acid rain and they offered to repaint the hood, roof, fenders, replace chrome on backs of mirrors and do some buffing on the box. Was not very happy, but I agreed. This happened in Nov.(the start of plow season) and I told them I needed the truck for plowing and it would not be a good time during the winter. I wanted to do it later at my convenience. They agreed. Well I was pretty busy and it was an inconvenience to get it there and not have it for 4 days. There is a mileage limit (12,000 miles) that it had to be fixed by, I was getting close and wanted to get it fixed. I called them up and to my suprise they had cleaned out their old estimates and would need to see the truck again. So I wasted another couple hours of my time, went up there and the tech (same guy) said the only thing they would do is paint the hood and roof. I can't believe they would not have the old estimate for a warrantee item. They are just basically $%#&@ ing me over. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I could return the favor. Routes to get some justice. I will never do business with them again that is for sure.

I was not too impressed with the GM dealer I bought my truck from so after awhile I decided to take it to another GM dealer 40 miles away.

They only do a fraction of the business that the first one does, but they go the extra mile to try to help with warranty work.

I was under the impression that I had to take it back to the place I bought it. Thats not true. You can take it to any GM dealer.

Bottom Line: Try another GM dealer and see if they can take care of the problem in a different manner. You might be surprised.

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This dealer claims that this specific problem has to be taken care of by them. I did not even want to buy a truck from them. I usually buy from the dealer from my home town. They are great, but when I was buying it was the first time they came out with 0% financing and in my area the 2500HD went fast. I tried to buy four different trucks that sold before I could negotiate a price. It was fast, I would look at a truck in the afternoon, tell them I'd think about it and call in the morning. Then they would sell that night. They wanted me to order one, but it wouldn't have been delivered until the end of December possible early Jan. I couldn't wait that long.


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GM Policy

There are a number of GM cars and trucks that are having paint problems. The main issue seems to be a more environmentally friendly process by which the vehicles are painted. Anyway, the first year or so this new process was used, GM saw a lot of problems with imperfections developing in the paint. If the vehicle is less than 1 year old, GM will repaint all or part of it. I would call their Customer Care (1-800) number and ask what they can do for you. You might want to surf some other sites and find the specific details on the repainting... I can't remember where I read about it. Good luck!

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