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Whats up? I have a 98' chevy silverado ext. cab z71 with a 5.7.
Is it normal for my fuel pump to be so loud? Some say yes others say what the hell is that noise? My truck does seem to suck down alot of gas but, Im not sure if thats normal either? Also there are two dents on my hood both are right where the hinges are. It look as though someone has tightend the bolts on the hinge to tight or maybe its from someone opening or closing the hood to hard/fast? Or maybe its normal? Anothe thing is hard to explain. Once in a while my stering seems to slip. It's like the opisit of what happpens when you loose your powr steering. It gets real lose only for a split second. I have 88,000 miles on my truck. Thank you in advance for any help.
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On the steering problem, my money is taht you have a bad sensor in the speed sensitive steering on that truck. Somehow the steering is given more boost at low speeds so turning effort stays about the same across the speed range. If the sensor goes out or goes intermittent you will get the higher boost at any road speed. Makes for very twitchy steering when the boost kicks in halfway through a cloverleaf. Been there, done that with our 97.

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