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Favorite Snow Vehicle?

Steve Smith

Junior Member
My name is Steve Smith and I am managing editor of Snow Business magazine. Beginning with our September issue, we’ve started running a department in the magazine called “The Dispatch.” Part of The Dispatch is asking a question to snow professionals and then printing a few of the responses.

So, here goes….
What is your favorite/ideal vehicle for snow removal and why?

Please answer with specifics (make, model, engine size, etc.,) and include your full name, company, city and state. Post your answer here or e-mail me direct at ssmith@gie.net. Also, It would be great if you sent me a photo of yourself and/or your favorite piece of snow removal equipment. That way we can publish the photo along with your answer. If we publish your photo in an upcoming issue, I will send you a free copy of Managing Snow & Ice by John Allin.

You can mail me the photo at Snow Business, 4012 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113, or via e-mail at ssmith@gie.net.

Please note that to make it into our next issue – November 2002, I’ll need your answer and photo by early next week.



PlowSite.com Veteran
When I was plowing as a business

My favorite was an F350 pick up single rear wheels with the 7.3 power stroke, and an 8.5' v-plow. It would just ask for more, plenty of power every storm.

Now at my new job. An International 2500 series 300 hp, eaton fuller 8ll tranny, side dump body, 10 everest plow and wing, with air controlls.



Junior Member
Ontario Canada
Our most prized truck is a 2002 Chev 3500 Crew Cab with the duramax diesel engine. It gets a Sno-Way HT plow and a Air-Flo spreader on back. A very large setup when complete, not too good in small spaces !


Jerre Heyer

Senior Member
Erie, PA
Favorite Plow Truck


Steve, wish I had some picts that weren't all faded but I had a real gem to start out with. Not that I'm a big CHEVE fan but from 1968-1972 Cheve made the BLAZER. It had a electrolift Meyer on it. HI-TECH at the time but I'd swap it out for a Blizzard 810 or a Boss V-plow now with a Snowman 7.5LDA angle plow on the rear.

CHEVE put a 350 high output motor, Auto Tranny, Nice gear ratio options, CAME STANDARD WITH A POSI-REAR not option, limited slip was avail for the front. The Fiberglass cap gave a good front to rear weight ratio so traction was super. Super tight turning radius so you could get into and out of driveways and parking areas and when that occaisional ditch came up you could crawl right through it.

The winter's of 77', 78' and 79' were awesome here. Not like out west and up in parts of Canada, but the snow just kept coming and we had piles over 20' tall and we used the trucks to put it there by ramping the piles. I just wish it had power angle back then. We are very lucky with all of the conveniences we have now.

My current favorite Plow ride is a 1999 and newer F350 Superduty with extra load front and rear springs, V10 ( Diesel is great but the Gas motors give good control and the Torque comes on better for maintaining traction ), Auto Tranny, Extended Cab to hold goodies, Short bed, BLIZZARD 810 or 8611 power plow, SNOWMAN 660LDA back blade with wing extensions and a set of Cooper 10 ply studded radials. Of course in the cab need some awesome tunes on the radio and CD player. Some coffe ( looking into an in cab coffee maker ) and some snacks.

Good luck on the article and please add me to the Subscriber list for the new magazine. Thought I was on the list but still haven't gotten the fabled mag. Maybe my mailman snagged it. HA



Senior Member
Wausau, WI
My name is Jeff Swisher (AKA-Maverick). I own and run a LTL flatbed trucking company with my 01' Chevrolet Silverado 3500 4x4. With the Duramax Diesel and Allison transmission there is no shortage of power getting to the ground. Come winter time the flatbed freight slows down up here in Wasilla, Alaska so I hook up the plow. I run a 9' Sno-Way w/wings to clear the many commercial accounts we have. With a few engine and exhaust mods I am running close to 350rwhp and 750lbft so I can really put the snow in its place. After plowing all last season and running freight the last 18 months, the regular cab dually is still running strong with over 102,000 miles. This makes for the ultimate plow truck with its short wheel base, extra tires, and extra horsepower.:eek:

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Senior Member
Favorite Snow Plow

My favorite, and the "10 Plows All Around Best Performer Award" for a plow vehicle goes to the

1965 Jeep, CJ 5, with 134 cubic inch 4 cylinder, 3 speed trans,
5:38 to 1 axle ratios, the famous twin stick transfer case that you can double clutch into high when reversing, full metal cab, Monarch Hy-Lo hydraulic belt driven pump for the 6.5 western plow with full sweep power angle., riding on a set of firestone 7.50 x 16 snow lugs with v - bar reinforced chains on all four wheels.

Try to stop it - No storm or nobody could in my town.

It was a double duty performer in the summer, with the roof off it would hold 3 kegs of Bud at a time in a beer run for the annual 4th of July monster bash.

Second place goes the the 1972 Jeep CJ 5 with American Motors 304 V8 and REAL BRAKES that would actually stop when coming down a hill. Also equipped with a Monarch HY-Lo belt driven for the full sweep 6.5 MYERS plow.

Third place goes to another animal, the 1962 jeep pickup with flathead six with 8 foot western with the undercarriage mounted to the front leaf springs. Good heater but still vacuum wipers. Had gobs of torque and would carry almost a ton.


Senior Member
Phila, Burbs

Got my first issue of the "Snow Business Magazine today and just wanted to post what a great, informative magazine this is. I sat down & read it cover to cover as soon as I got it.

I have to say that the part of this magazine I enjoyed the most was on page 42, top 2 pics. Awesome looking big red ford.
My family got a big laugh out of my intelligent reason why this was my ideal plow truck, oh well.

Please keep those issues coming and thanks to everybody out here who have made plow site what it is today. It has GREATLY helped me get started (entering my third season if you want to count last year) and then refine things to where I almost know what I'm doing!!

Thank you all


Mark Haverdink