Family for free?


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Nope they pay just like everybody else. It costs gas to get there.
Actually i have a guy plow my moms and i pay him,,but it works out in the long run cause i get free carpet for my house.


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Nope, live to far away.. (parents in Wilton, CT, Brother in Moscow, Russia)

But there is one person I don't charge... My doctor. I haven't had a copay in 3 years!

It works out for the both us.

If my family (IMMEDIATE) lived close, I wouldn't. They would be the first to help me out if I needed it. Whatever it is they are there to back me up. I would do the same for them.

Got Grass?

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Western New York
Plow my parrents free. But thats it.... If my family lived in my route I'd do it for free as long as thay dont expect anything....
My family is real close (not location). Family is family you will never have another one & I'd do almost anything for family for free. Becasue I know when I need help with something thay will do it no questions asked. And eventually we will all need help in our lives. Weather it be today or when I'm 90yrs old we are there for each other. A Kidney or whatever I'm willing to spare one for family.

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My family lives too far away - Iowa, Texas and Kansas. A couple of the kids live in Maine, but still too far to do any good. I agree that family and business don't mix. Either plow them for free or have somebody else do them.


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I do the little old lady's drive way & walk next door
She's 86
But then agian she's always baking some thing for me
Mom moved to Savanah, and Dad leaves for Florida after
And my brother in-law helped start me plowing
He has 5 of his own plow trucks


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For all 28 yrs. I've done 6 to 10 free every snow

I do 7 free drives every snow this yr. --5 family & 2 neighbors (elderly) :waving:
I do one of my mowing customers driveway for free. Her husband died last year, just a very nice man and very sad to see him go. She just loves when we come to cut the grass. Gave me a 100.00 "tip" at the end of this season for mowing , so I plow for free. She always pays cash for everything I do there. I would do my dad's for free, but he's outside at 3:00 am doing it himself?? 78 years old, amazing!!

Roger Dodger

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nw Pa.
ProSno has a point. About the only exception to that is I do my mother-in-law's and she will compensate me nicely when the time comes. Actually, I don't even worry about that or the recurring 15mi. roundtrip drives since she's always treating us to dining out and many other types of "rewarding" compensation throughout the year. Me and the family actually get the better end of the deal.

My brother-in-law on the other hand has a two tractors w/ mounted blades (large & small), and two snowblowers. Still, I get the call to come and do their driveway since his priority seems to be off somewhere, stacking beer bottles rather than snowpiles!!:mad: I don't show up!

Neighbors: Nope! Nada! Zilch! Nein! Negative! It's one thing to be a Samaritan to stop and plow out a senior citizen that appears to be on the brink of a heart attack from shoveling, while it's another when lazy parents themselves won't clear a driveway nor will their strong, teenage sons. Let them trod and mash their way thru the stuff!

I dislike it when you buy a truck for your own uses and all of a sudden strangers and distant neighbors become "new friends". Then, the plow package gets installed and even more friends are lurking about! Same thing happened when I got the tractor and tiller attachment. "If you put my garden in for me, I will bake you a nice pie!" :rolleyes: "Could you haul a load of shredded bark for me... I'll pay you for your gas?"
And who's gonna get stuck shoveling it all out and hosing down the bed? Hmmm?:rolleyes:

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Glastonbury, CT
i plow my house and my grandmothers for free. I get paid in hot chocolate and fresh brownies, candy etc... from my grandmother. Shes always the house i take the break at:D I charge her for landscaping though in the summer. She always tacks on extra $$ to the bill, cause she knows im not charging her what i should be. Same goes for snow removal, she always slips my some money here and there, even if i try not to take it, she mails it to me. Grandmothers are the best!:)
There are pluses and minus in all of it.

I do 3 elderly (over 80 yrs old and no kids) in our town and one friend with with bad hip also up in his age, if I am going by. Mom is 28 miles away but if we get alot of snow, I will travel.

My truck is a 98 gmc and I am not afraid to drive it. Sounds like some are on thier last leg and won't go out of the way for no one, afraid they will break down.

I have goten referals from some of these people, and I also get some personal satisfaction out of helping others, especially when they are on fixed incomes and no one else will make sure Meals-on-Wheels or an ambulance can make it in the driveway.

I Hope there are some others that do the same.

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new york
Family and close friends are always free. If I do ask for anything, it is to cover some minor costs. My family has given me life, as somebody had said before. Also a cousin of mine is a vet and he always takes care of our pets for us without asking for money. Another one is a computer programmer, and he is always helping us with the computers here. The close friends are the types I could call at 12:00 AM if I was stuck, or needed other help and they would come through for me. To charge them would be wrong.


Meriden CT
No charge the grandparents and my grandfathers brother. But in the end i always land up with a few twenties from them because they insist by the end of a storm.