Fair price for a 90 c1500

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by herberg, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    I'm venturing into the world of owning a plow truck. I have found a plow truck that has been used as a backup truck for a property management company in my town.


    1990 Chevy 1/2 ton regular cab, long bed

    4.3 V6,

    5-sp manual

    200,000 miles

    new clutch, brakes, exhaust

    Whelen dual rotating light box on top

    7'6" Western Unimount straight plow. Not certain which model, but has 4 trip springs and the shock absorber on it. Heavy duty steel construction, not a poly mold board.

    Truck is in rough shape body wise, pain pealing, some light rust over wheel wells. Plow is rust covered, but not rotted trough.

    I'm pretty mechanicaly inclided, but not a mechanic. I figure this is an old enough rig that parts should be relatively easy to come by and affordable. What are things I need to look at on this truck? What are common faults? What are strengths?

    The plow pump has not been rebuilt or overhauled. Fluid flushed each season. The pump unit is the Isarmatic unit.

    He's asking $2500. Is this a fair price? www.kbb.com lists this as a value of under $2k. I plan to use it for my driveway (60' at top by 75' long, tapers to 30' at bottom), a small parking lot, and one other residential driveway.

    We are waiting to get tax return back, but that should be in the next few days. Then will deal with the owner. In the meantime I wanted to do some research.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance - herrberg:help:
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    PASS on it 2500 for v6 with 200k on plow truck and probably had 200 plus drivers over the years. And 200k as a back up?? Keep looking around my Buddy is selling his 99 Dodge 2500 xcab with 8ft mm1 with 110k on it for 5k. And his truck i dont think has any rust and a cap on it. I f you are looking to pay 2500 or so ther is a older Dodge I see sitting for sale down the street in real nice shape no rust on it and a plow
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    Not sure about your season but ours is over in about 3 weeks. Check these trucks out in your area. I know they dont have plows on them But MM1 are going for about 1k used now. Oh and nothing is cheap when it comes to 4x4 parts. Pass on that truck. Buy one of these I would if I had 3g to buy a used truck then over summer save your pennies and get a plow for it. That red Ford looks nice. Notice he took picture of it in garage. By the looks of paint it was stored in it


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    I would assume it's assumed, but the truck is 4 wheel drive. To answer the above - our season does end here at the end of March, sometimes into April.

    My thoughts were to start the negotiating aroun $1800, and not do anything over $2k.

    Reason for this is i then end up with decent plow setup that will fit on the next truck that i end up with. I don't have any expectation of this truck lasting more than 2 years. I did talk with the current owner, he's had it since new, and was the primary driver since new plowing radio tower sites and the parking lot for a small ofice building that he has.

    I know 4x4 parts aren't real inexpensive, but i've got a crack mechanic that lives next to me that's always looking for something to do at night, and always looking to teach someone about repairing vehicles.

    I appreciate the quick replys. Oh yeah, the residentials that i have now i've been plowing with an ATV, and i'm sick of doing it outside in -10f weather. Only 5 weeks left in the season, but that is going to be a long 5 weeks in Wisconsin.

    Oh yeah, i also need to start coming up with tax write-offs/deductions. This year has been a good one up here.

    Keep the replies coming, tax money is in as of this morning, but am going to think on it over the weekend and look at a few others. I know this is a Chevy forum, but i've also got an option for a 1994 F350, big block v8, 8 foot western on the front, long box, regular cab, better shape than the chevy - he's down to $3500 w.plow

    Thanks - herrberg
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    plow trucks get cheaper in the spring v-6 to plow with ? no thanks, manual trans? not my first choice for plowing 200,000 thats alot of miles and with the plow thats really alot of hard miles. Property management vehicle would make me think it was driven by some yahoos that beat on it. I suggest you keep looking.
  6. derekbroerse

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    The 4.3 is a tough motor (basically a 350 less two cylinders) but 200000miles is a lot unless its been rebuilt. The fivespeed will last forever behind it. Clutch feel ok? Rest of the truck is standard Chevy half ton stuff.

    Just remember any half-ton is not a work truck by nature. They can take some abuse but within reason. Being a one-owner truck is a plus.

    I'd say try and wait out the season and hit him with a low offer, or keep looking as the selection will grow after March....
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    I had this exact same truck, only mine was a 1991,... 4.3 w/5-spd, reg cab/LB. I plowed with it for about 8 years or so,... and although I have never had any major driveline component failures,... (engines, trannys, differentials, T-cases) on any of the Chevy's I've owned,... and even tho my truck had over 287,000 miles on it when I sold it, (and still ran/started perfectly fine and never touched the engine), I would NOT buy this truck again for the purpose of snow plowing. The issues I did have with that truck were entirely because it was a 1/2 ton, and not built for what I was doing with it. I doubt that I ever went a full winter without replacing at least 1 U-joint in one of the drivelines,... front axle CV-joints would last 2 years max,... and a clutch would last 3-4 years on average. Now I know that I probably plow longer each year than most (Oct thru late April, sometimes early May), so 1 year of plowing for me may be the same as 3 for you, but I also had frame issues,... the frame cracked in places where the plow mounted,... it's just too thin. So, if you do get this truck, crawl underneath it & examine EVERY point where the plow mount is attached to the frame, and look for cracks at every hole,... every spot where a bolt goes thru,... and if you find any cracks anywhere,.... get up,... brush the dirt off yourself, and RUN !! haha If you do get it, or one like it (1/2-ton), always, Always, ALWAYS plow in low range!! (No matter what anyone else says!!). 1/2 ton trucks are geared too tall to plow in high range (in both transmission & differential), and you will kill your clutch prematurely if you don't. And that is a big draw-back to plowing with a 1/2 ton w/manual, because in low range you have such a low-speed reverse, which will drive you crazy at times. Now again, if you're just getting this truck to do your own driveway, you could make this work & last for some time (assuming everything is in good condition), but as we all know, it nevers works like that,... because your neighbors, family, friends, etc., will all be hitting on you to come do their driveways as well... "just this once",... :rolleyes: ,... then there's the temptation to do a few close places "on the side" to make some extra beer money,... and next thing you know,... you're a first-class lowballer!! (haha j/k:D) Anyway, that's been my experience with a truck like this,.. hope it helps.
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    hi all,

    thank you for the feedback. here's a quick update on the above mentioned truck. did a little digging, and although they have owned the truck since new, they only hung the plow on there 3 years ago. Bought the plow used though, but it is still solid.

    crawled under it and everything is decent, even brought it ove to a friend of mine who plos commercially and he gave a once over to the plow - said everything was working well.

    took it for a drive, drives well. can definetly tell it's got a v6 under the hood. clutch and all cv joints were new last year.

    on this test run, my buddy and i went to a commercial account that he's got that needed some cleanup. plowing with a 5 speed is definitely a chore. This is a guy that does it professionally, and is used to doing lots of different things with his hands and feet at once, and even he looked frustrated. it stacks snow nicely, it pushes it pretty well.

    verdict - i'm going to pass mainly due to it being a V6 with the 5 speed. Although, if it's stil sitting in a few months i may come back and make a lowball offer. that way if i see a deal on a newer or heavier duty chevy i've got the mounts and associated harnesses plus the plow to put on it.

    thanks again for the input.
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    You're right in that it takes some coordination to plow with a stick, but really once you have the hang of it, its like riding a bike... you don't even think about it any more. You just walk in large right-hand circles because your left leg is bigger than your right!!! :p