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Hey guys, my father is helping me out this season with 35+ res. drives.My question is what is fair pay to him for using his 98 chevy with one of MY 7.5 'fisher minute mount plows?truck is his,plow is mine.I'm trying to keep his truck on the easier route and he's just helping me out untill i get a second truck of my own next year.I know subs get $40-$90/hr but what do you guys think?
Thanks for the help.


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Since it's your father I think the answer is really up to you what fair pay is.

The one time my dad came out on my routes. Christmas Day, only 2 guys showed, he nearly had a heart attack.

I bought him a steak dinner & drinks.


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The one and only time my father helped me plow, I though he was going to bankrupt me.

Somehow, he thought that since he was dad, he got paid double.

Overall I agree with Casey



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This reminded me of when I talked to my Dad last summer. He's in Iowa. I offered him a job plowing snow if he moved here. So then he goes around town telling people he's got a job waiting for him in Maine. Somehow I doubt he's moving out here at 75 years old. Watching this thread, maybe I should set wages first, before he does.


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I would pay him the same going rate as any subcontractor would get in your area. He would probably be very reliable, and do a good job because he would be looking out for your best interests. Letting him use the plow for nothing would be a small price for you to pay right now (assuming that you will be putting this plow on your second truck later) for the peace of mind that you would gain if you have a break down and there is still another truck that can continue to service all your accounts.

Breaking down in the middle of the storm with 20 more accounts to do:

Major Stress

Having another truck available to you immediatly to finish the route and keep your wife from having to answer the phone from irrate customers:



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I dont know what I would do without my Dad, he is my loader equipment operator. He has been a heavy equipment operator for over 35 years and he is amazing with the loader and pusher. And I know that he isnt going to beat the machine and will care about how the jobs get done. What he can produce with the machine is just awsome, and he is worth triple what I pay him. In two years he is going to retire and come to work for me full time, and I am counting the days down, because he is a very valuable asset. So in summary if your dad is responsible and reliable and willing to help out it is probably the best thing and will be the best employee you have, the only problem I have is giving my old man orders, I really dont like that but he doesnt seem to mind. Just my two cents

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