Face the music!


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I know this is a sore subject, but we have to face the music. This winter sux and (for me anyway) should be considered over. Might as well change the oil in the mowers and get the blades sharped, Order mulch and start weeding and mulching. Hell, get the lime out and start will that too. Dallas Texas has had more snow then most of us here in the north east. THAT'S PITIFULL! I used to live in St Albans VT and we ALWAYS had snow on the ground from late november to about early march. I really am beginning to think, This global warming thing is more serious then I thought.


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northeastern WI.
something is severly mixed up, there will be many bussineses closing up shop for good in northern wisconsin after several very bad winter seasons....my condolences to all.


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I was tempted to buy seed the other day, it's been in the 60s all this past week.

At the risk of starting a political debate, I wouldn'y put too much faith in this global warming theory, think about it, how many years has Earth been around? A few billion? And how long have we been recording temperatures? A thousand years or so? There's hardly enough data available to determine a trend as has been offered.

Better days are coming, February and March often offer big storms. Keep the faith!
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I don't know... Weatherbug is forecasting (for here) snow this afternoon, tonight, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Keeps saying "no accumulation" so maybe we'll get a good 10" each day.


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i wouldnt count this winter out yet. im only 30 yrs old but if think back in winters past most of the "BIG" storms weve had, im talking 1-2'+, have been in the month of march. who knows, sure as hell not the weather guessers.:D

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
february and march usually develop a few good snowstroms. last year we got a few 20 inch storms around now. the weather guesser said possible storm saturday. a ways off, but you can always hope.


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It's been a bad year all together
This is the first year I plowed on my own (I plowed for my brother in-law before)
Bought a F250 and sold my F150 & Bought a 8' western poly pro
and picked up sub work
I thought I'd do great
I talked to them at work about flexiable hours, no problem
Well I ended up being laid off
So I thought the snow plowing would help
But I guess even that's in a recession right now
Better luck next year


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I agree with White=Green & Mdb

Some of the biggest storms I've see have come in February and
March. Don't get caught with a load of mulch in your truck when what you need is salt....I doubt it will melt much snow.
I don't know, I realy think this winter is done, but i'm definitly not going back to landscapeing yet. I'm enjoying the break even though i'm still working doing carpentry. I just can't bring my self to get out the landscape stuff, i love it but I need more time to recharge.

About that global warming thing, i think thats just alota hype. you guys are right I don't even thing they've been recording temps for over 200 years :confused: Anyway I think we just got a bad year, some years are like that. Hope you guys are right about about the big storms in march and maybe feb :confused: Last year I think the majority of our storms where in febuary too, exapt for the blizzard at the end of december.


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Dayton, Ohio USA
I'd like to have been paid even a fraction of what I would have gotten plowing for the extra time I've been spending in front of this darn computer with this slow winter.



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The warm weather got me motivated to do mulch and a few tree jobs.. ill take whatever I can get. Just dont like days like today where its cold and the ground is wet from rain last night. Oh well.. i can use a break anyways...

John DiMartino

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It scared the heck out of me,at my house we got about 1/2",not even 5 miles away,there was 1-1.5" of snow,the roads there were covered totally.What a difference a few miles makes! I salted one account in the heavy area,not an hr later,sun is out,wind is drying everything up.


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Somerville MA.
John you should try living on the coast. In one storm we had this year one account had three inches while 3/4 of a mile away another account had ZERO inches. The difference was the no acumulation account was on the water and often has less snow, sometimes A LOT LESS :(.

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