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This year we phased our old 95 F 350 1 ton dump out of construction and snowplowing duty. The truck had the big old 460 motor in it, and an auto trans and 4X4. The truck has a total of 225,000 miles on it's orginal engine and drive train. Our plan is simple.

Starting next week my mechanic will begin to remove the tired and beat, plow and dump body. After that we will do some body work, and repain the frame. We will replace and upgrade the current leaf springs in both the front and rear. Then we will build a simple body to accomidate a 400 gallon tank, to hold mag cloride. This tank will have a spray boom 8' wide built into the rear of the truck body. There will also be a 100' real, so we can get walkways or other areas that couldn't be reached with the truck. The truck body will have strobes in the body on the sides and rear, the truck will have strobes in the front grill, and a strobe on the roof.

This truck will be our first out on any snow or ice event, to pre-treat the surface with mag cloride. For the past 5 years we have pre-treat our salt, and sand and salt mix with mag cloride and have had good results.


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That is a VERY good idea. Ironicly, I was just thinking about something similar today. You know of anyone that makes a 100-gallon or so tank that would go into the back of a normal pickup bed?



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Well Tim, just thinkin' out loud here but a couple of ideas:

Many pickups that are used as service trucks for construction companies have a fuel tank behind the cab. At a glance it resembles a "Truk-Mate" style toolbox only a bit bigger. (Not sure what the capacity in gallons would be)

Or, a used fuel tank off a big truck (I believe one of the Macks I used to drive carried 110 gallons per tank) suitably cleaned out and mounted to a "skid frame" along with the required pump/hose reel etc. Set it up as self-contained unit and equip the skid frame with fork pockets and a lifting lug so it can be taken out of your truck when not needed.
Tim, I had one of those "truk mate" style tool boxes with a fuel tank underneath awhile back and I think it's capacity was 40 gallons. You can find them in RV catalogues for campers for the "long hauls". They sell for close to $500 now I think. It had a screw in style plug like a 55 gallon barrel does along with a regular fuel cap on the opposite side. I traded it to a landscaper locally that doesn't use it any more as he needed it for gas and it was rusty inside. Great 10" deep lockable toolbox in it though. I know he wanted to get rid of it awhile back for next to nothing. (Maybe $50-75). If you want to check it out the guy is in Palatine. When I sold it to him the outside had just been repainted and it looked good, it may be just the ticket for what you're looking for. I have no idea what it looks like now. Also, those tractor trailer fuel tanks are normally in the 100-150 gallon range with most being made of aluminum to save on weight. I don't know if the chemicals you're planning on putting in there would hurt them or not. They can be had in steel too, just not as plentiful. You've got to figure though with a 100 gallon tank you'll have 850+ lbs. of unstable weight sloshing around in the back of your truck if it's not secured properly. Great for traction, sucks when it bangs the back of your cab on a panic stop!!


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The exact same unit GeoffD was talking about comes with a 200 gallon tank. I believe it's from Schoenberg Salt Co. www.gosalt.com or 888-546-7258 It's a comlete skid mounted unit and is made to fit in a pickup bed. The boom fits into a reciever hitch. The model # is
DU 1A202

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