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F450 Spreader recommendation - Flatbed Dump

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by simply_peter, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. simply_peter

    simply_peter Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 35

    I have a 12 foot dumping flatbed on my truck and I am thinking about getting a spreader.

    I should be able to haul 3 tons on the truck and be legal. It would be used to spread sand/salt mix. I do not have central hydraulics so I am limited to gas or electric.

    What would you recommend?

    These are the options I am considering.

    V-BOX - 8 foot with sides or 10 foot. 8 foot seems easier to find used and heaped I think it will put me at GVWR.

    Electric Tailgate Sander - I was thinking about building a bracket to hold an electric replacement tailgate spreader. I would also add a vibrator to the bed and add sides. I have been thinking about the truckcraft TC-140 spreader.

    Electric Under tailgate spreader - Not many of these around that are used and there seems to be some bad reviews on the controllers.

    Thanks for any advice or experiences you have to share.
  2. wideout

    wideout Senior Member
    from iowa
    Messages: 727

    I've got a western v-box spreader i'll sell you great shape its gas powered never had salt in it
  3. simply_peter

    simply_peter Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 35

    What year is it? How much are you asking?
  4. Grn Mtn

    Grn Mtn PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,644

    we use smith stainless electric 2 yard V's in our F550's F750 and the Kenworth. Okay so the 750 and Kenworth aren't 2 yarders but the point is they are all v's. Our Smiths have the factory sides so we can loadem up pretty good

    http://www.plowsite.com/album.php?albumid=127&pictureid=1009 ---picture

    the motors are easy to change if bunk, the smiths are made an hour away so we can get parts same day if need be, the v-box allows room to put sidewalk buckets, shovels, liquid tanks, single stage snow blowers, whatever else you need along the sides. And when slow you can just lift it out and load up the firewood without too much trouble.
  5. Westhardt Corp.

    Westhardt Corp. Senior Member
    Messages: 845

    You can think GVWR or you can think "what will she take". Drop a 4-yard spreader and go salting--you'll be fine. I would say a 10-foot (4.5 yard) would be optimal, as it will load the truck more evenly. I've loaded 5+ yards on 450 dumps with no problems in the past. Don't mistake it--they were definitely loaded, but they did just fine. If you want a little reassurance, bolt a set of Timbrens on and "fuggedaboutit".

  6. deicepro

    deicepro PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,124

    Agreed, I usually tip the scales around 20k with my 450's
  7. mullis56

    mullis56 Senior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 824

    Henderson 8' FSP or 10' FSP 12" extensions HONDA ENGINE!
  8. Westhardt Corp.

    Westhardt Corp. Senior Member
    Messages: 845

    That's about right. The 550 I ran last year would routinely be @ 21K (19.5K GVWR), but with the 12' bed and a 9500 on it, it was *way* too far back. Properly loaded, it could've taken 22K no problem.

    Besides, axles ratings are what I look at anyway...

  9. AA+ Landscaping

    AA+ Landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    I'm not sure but I think snow ex is all contained. So salt doesn't leak out of front. Like my western does. So cleaning would be easy.I know they make some bigger ones too.
  10. Westhardt Corp.

    Westhardt Corp. Senior Member
    Messages: 845

    SnowEx is pretty much contained--they leak very little from the auger in front (where it couples to the motor). The 9500 is a 4-yard, but having used one all last season I would *not* recommend one. Not to mention they are only about 8' long, which puts too much weight behind the drive axle on a 10' bed unless you have a looooooooong wheelbase and the spreader will center over the axle. I'd still say go with a 4.5 yard "conventional" unit.


    Being that it's a dump bed, you could build walls using the stake pockets, have a liner installed that runs up the walls and will tie it together, and but a Salt Dogg electric under gate spreader and use it like a dump truck. With that much bed area (80+ sq ft) you will have plenty of material space without using a lot of height. Just BE SURE to line it so you don't need a ton of dump angle to move the material. But, honestly--this method is waaaaay more complicated than just dropping a v-box on it. EDIT: Just realized you already mentioned this in the OP...durrr

    Lastly, make sure you run wires to the back of the frame, and then forward on the bed as needed--this way you won't have any "oops, I tilted the bed and ripped the wiring apart" situations.

  11. dmontgomery

    dmontgomery PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,238

    I sold my Truckcraft insert spreader cause I was not thrilled with having to drive and salt with the dump bed up. I now have the Salt Dogg poly V......and while I think there are some improvements that could be made......I am much happier....
  12. simply_peter

    simply_peter Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 35

    Is the main concern with the tailgate driving with the bed up? With a 12 foot bed would I be able to tilt some back and run for a while or would I need to keep it up the whole time.

    I have only ran a v-box which worked great, I was just thinking about the tailgate option to cut down on storage space in the summer and shed a few pounds on the truck. With this option I was thinking about doing what Westhardt was describing.

    For the V-Box how do the powder coat models compare to the stainless? I found a 4.5 yard swenson that is near by that is 10 foot. Stainless would probably be best but would the powdercoat option hold up?

  13. Westhardt Corp.

    Westhardt Corp. Senior Member
    Messages: 845

    If you wash it down, it should hold up for years--look at the DOT trucks.
  14. dmontgomery

    dmontgomery PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,238

    I had to pretty much have the dump bed up all the time to keep the flow of salt constant....