F350w/7.3 sfront spring upgrade


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Recently I saw a post that someone had beefed up their F350 w/7.3 with 550? springs. Is this really needed? I know the 96-97's w/7.3 had a factory upgrade kit available. Is this still a problem with the new SD's?

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Im really not sure, I run a 8foot Diamond myself and front end barey moves. I wouldnt ever need a kit for front, It would take a 10footer to squat my front down I suppose if you run a wing you might need it but even then the Town trucks all around here have them with no modification to front.


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F-350 heavy duty springs

I just installed 3460 lb. per side springs on my 97 F-350 powerstroke dump. With my v-box loaded and 8' Meyer poly hanging on the front, the stock springs were barely adequate. Since I just installed a 9.5' Fisher v-plow I knew the stockers wouldn't be enough ( please no flames, the new F-550's use the same Dana 60 axle as my F-350.) I went to my local spring shop and ordered them for $280.00 including new u-bolts. Installed them myself in less than an hour. Ride height remained nearly the same as the new springs have less arch than stock. Front end only drops about 1/2 inch raising 1050 lb. plow!

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