F250 rear sags


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Sounds to me like there may be tired springs out back, depending on how hard the truck has worked all its life there may even be one or two broken leaves in there.

Assuming everything else is in good shape, a decent spring shop should be able to repair/replace as needed to bring your spring packs back to spec, and possibly add a leaf to help with the weight.


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There is a point where Ford began making two F-250 models, a standard and heavy duty version. I don't recall what year this took place, but you may want to check which you have. Look at your rear wheel without a hub cap on at the axle in the center of the wheel. If it protrudes through the wheel you have the heavy duty version, if the axle is flat behind the wheel, you don't. If you don't, use caution in beefing up your suspension, your axle will be the weak link. If you have the heavy axle you could consider putting on the helper springs and main spring pack from the F-350 to help out.


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Your local heavy duty truck repair (that does suspension) can Re-Arch those rear springs, it will help keep the cost down rather then replace! 2nd go to NAPA and buy there version of rear load boosters, around $100.00 20 minute install and get 1000lbs extra haul capacity or more!

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The truck is an 87,I would replace them,the cost difference isnt that much,you might as well put new ones on,and be done with it,not worry about breaking a leaf a year from now.


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I would look at re arching or replaceing the springs as others have said , &&&& I would also look at puting in a set of Timbren springs too..

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