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    Is anyone out there a specialist on Ford electrical systems?

    This week while traveling down the highway at 65 mph, no plows on, my truck just quit. Sputtered once and died.

    Come to find out the 20 amp fuse for the fuel pump blew.

    I dont yet know why. When a new one was put in, everything seems fine. What else is on this circuit, and do you have any ideas of why this may have blew?

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    A relative of mine has an 88 Chevy 2500 that experienced the exact same problem about a month ago. When the truck quit, he had it towed to a local mechanic that went over the truck looking for what would have shorted the fuse. The mechanic wasn't able to find anything, just replaced the fuse and has had no problems since. The mechanics advice was to carry an extra fuse(s) and bring it back if there are anymore problems. He's plowed the last two storms with it as well as using it as his daily driver with no problem. Guess it was just one of those things. I know it doesn't exactly help you, but I thought I'd pass on the experience.
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    Similar thing happened to me on my Chevy pickup. Except we eventually found after it happened a second time that it was the fuel pump. Its one of those things where u only seem to find out the hard way unfortunately.
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    Check battery and alt. Remember as voltage drops, amp draw goes up. Could just be bad pump or pump is going.