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F/S GM Torsion Bars Code GL NEW

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by fishgeek, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. fishgeek

    fishgeek Member
    from chicago
    Messages: 36

    F/S Brand new set of GM torsion bars. The code is GL which is the second heavy duty bars made by GM. I’ve included a chart of torsion bars from GM, I got this off of plowsite. These bars list for $300.00 each from GM. Make me an offer just don’t be a dxxx


    15048307-LH (code XK) (Max torque 4553)
    15048308-RH (code XK) (Max torque 4553)

    15048309-LH (code XL) (Max torque 4626)
    15048310-RH (code XL) (Max torque 4626)

    15712407-LH (code WX) (Max torque 4863)
    15712408-RH (code WX) (Max torque 4863)

    15048311-LH (code XM) (Max torque 5638)
    15048312-RH (code XM) (Max torque 5638)

    15058267-LH (code YH) (Max torque 5913)
    15058268-RH (code YH) (Max torque 5913)

    15712409-LH (code WY) (Max torque 5913)
    15712410-RH (code WY) (Max torque 5913)

    15528957-LH (code GG) (Max torque 6709)
    15528958-RH (code GG) (Max torque 6709)

    15528959-LH (code GH) (Max torque 7161)
    15528960-RH (code GH) (Max torque 7161)

    15712411-LH (code WZ) (Max torque 7267)
    15712412-RH (code WZ) (Max torque 7267)

    15528963-LH (code GK) (Max torque 8615)
    15528964-RH (code GK) (Max torque 8615)

    15528965-LH (code GL) (Max torque 8782)
    15528966-RH (code GL) (Max torque 8782)

    15732338-LH (code XG) (Max torque 9054)
    15732339-RH (code XG) (Max torque 9054)