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I was just woundering if there may be something wrong with my truck. It's a 2001 f-350 and when I have a yard of triple mix in the back it drops quite a bit. Also when my 16 ft. trailer is on without a load even it drops also. I thaught the f-350 was supposed to be a tank compared to the 250's. Is this normal?


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Somerville MA.
PCS, I think somebody posted that same problem here before. I'm not sure but I think the problem was the lift-block's on the rear axle, something about them being 2" instead of 4" . To find out for sure go to www.ford-diesel.com . Good luck .

Kent Lawns

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Nothing wrong.

The SD has very LONG springs which flex quite easily even under small loads.

The flex decreases with loading, though and they handle lots of weight with the "butt down" effect.

You can always add more spring, but the 350 Rear Suspension is a softer ride than GM 1T HD or the Dodge.

You don't want it to ride like a 550.
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yeh kents right its just the super duty is it has long spring and when it gets a some weight in it, it might go down but it will still hall a lot of weight :D