F-350 plow on F-150


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I'm pretty sure the frame mounts are the same from '81 through '96, there were slight changes in the bumper area from year to year. You may require minor modification in this area.
most of it will, you'll have to use different holes for the plow ears though. There will also be 2 pieces that bolt to the bottom of the mount frame rails that will sit too low. They support the ears when they are in the proper position for the higher sitting F-350, but will stick down below the ears which will need to be located closer to the truck frame.



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I know if its a fisher old style mount they will not interchange.
But not sure on the western frame kits.
The coils on the 150 interfer with some mounting kits. Best bet is to ask your local western dist.
there may be some more truck F-150 specific parts than the ones I mentioned, but I know for a fact that many of the parts will interchange. Your local western dealer will have parts diagrams. I'm sure that with a patient counterperson you could identfy them. Your dealer may even the parts you need used and cheap...mine did



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F150 plow frame

Dino is correct, on Fisher plows at least. The F150 uses coils, the 250/350 use leaf's. the mounting plates are different. Also the 150's have support "strut's" that go all the way back to 3rd member. This is to strengthen the mount, apparently there were some bent front frame "horns" on some 150's without them.


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