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    I have a 2000 F-150 and it does not have a plowing package on it. What should i do to my truck. Someone said transmisson cooler. I just picked up a 7 1/2 snoway polly plow.
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    Aux tranny cooler, load boosters for the front, and ballast for the rear. About 500-750# will do. The ballast can be salt bags, concrete blocks, or firewood. Or even snow. Whatever works. The load boosters will help the front end handle the extra weight of the plow.
    The part # is TLB 157F AND IS AVAILABLE FROM aw dIRECT FOR 139.95 THEIR # is1-800-243-3194
    The plow is actually clear lexan. A little different than poly.
    Be aware that the plow will probably void your warranty, on anything that breaks that the dealer may consider plowing related. The only way around that is the plow prep package, but that needs to be installed ta the factory. Good luck
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    My honest advice.

    Go to your ford dealer, trade up to the F 150 7700 gvw. This model gives you the plow package, and all the heavy duty things required to plow.

    Only if you want to keep the truck. Like Dino said your warrenty may be voided, they are pretty strict about his with F 150s (super duties they let a lot more things slide).

    The good thing, i think you have one of the lightest plows.

    Get a tranny cooler
    Load boosters I would go front and rear.
    Add about 500 -700 lbs weight in the back (thats why i said get the rear boosters too).

    Only in the end i think you might be able to get a good trade on your truck, and trade up to the F 150 7700. This way you don't have to make mods, and worry about warrenty. The truth is the truck really isn't built for more home owner plowing IMO.