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  1. Turf Commando

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    In my area FORD plow trucks are everywhere even down to the ranger...
    F-150 the perfect choice for size, power and gas efficiency...?
    What brand plow works well with one, thinking of buying a newer F-150 say 98 -2001...thanks... Joe
  2. mulcahy mowing

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    I plow with a 2003 F 150 FX4 with the 5.4 triton V8 it does great I have a blizzard 760 speedwing on it.
  3. MileHigh

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    An F-150 will make a decent plow truck if you set it up right. Timbrens all around, Ballast weight in the back, some cranks on your torsion bars, transmission cooler, and some snow tires and your good to go. If you have a tow package you'll already have the tranny cooler installed. I would first try to find a good local dealer, and then pick a plow from there. I'm thinking 7 1/2 blade-up to 750#, and about 500# of ballast weight and your tanking. I have a meyer st 7.5...but I wish I put the bigger fisher 7.6 rd on it...It would have easily handled the upgrade.
  4. KGRlandscapeing

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    i got an 04 with the bigger payload pack trailer tow snow plow prep when everything is work its a nice ride. gas milage well were plowing snow u burn a ton no matter what.
  5. rfed32

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    good truck to plow in...i use a 1/2 ton and love it...if u dont need the extra room or an 8ft bed get a reg cab w/6foot bed if u can....but i would put a western 7'6'' plow....wouldnt hang anything else maybe a boss but my pockets arent that deep
  6. OP
    Turf Commando

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    How much did it set you back...?
    Is western cheap? can't imagine paying more than 3K for plow...
  7. Milwaukee

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  8. OP
    Turf Commando

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    Anyways thanks guy for the replies, I will look this year for the whole combo truck and blade...
  9. LTL

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    Try to look for a F-150 7700 series or an F-250 LD. They have the bigger sterling 10.25 rear end instead of an 8.8 or 9.75, the have the R4100 trans (same trans that is behind the 6.8 v10 and 7.3 diesel) instead of the E4OD, they have heavier duty frames, and front end components, and also the torsion bars are bigger in diameter. They have a heavier payload than a regular F-150 and they have trans coolers. Also the majority have 4.10 gear ratios with the limited slip in the rear and I think they all came with the 5.4L triton. We love ours.
  10. LawnProLandscapes

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    depending on what you do an f-150 could be the perfect size for you as long as your doing drives and smaller lots. i had a 99 f-150 x-cab 4x4 with the 4.6 v8 and drove that to 170xxx before i sold it. i never plowed with it but that truck was good to me. i changed the heater core and had to do coils and plugs and that was it besides general maint. she was a tid underpowered and if going that route again a 5.4 triton would be a must.

    as for blade boss is my preferance becuase they are a good plow also because i have a top notch dealer with in 10 minutes from my place. dealer service and accessability to dealer are big factors.
  11. 66 BADBOY

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    I was on the hunt for a 2006 F-150 Supercab, 6.5ft box, and every plow manufacturer told me you cannot legally put a medium/standard duty plow on that truck, only personal plows (Western Suburbanite), and the Boss Sport Duty. You can put a standard plow on a single cab long box.

    If you drop back to 2004 Heritage or 2003 and earlier, you can do it. Apparently they changed their FGAWR to 3750 on the later models (I think 2005 and up), so they won't handle the plow properly. Hold it, yes. But not control it during braking or minor accidents, etc. That doesn't mean people haven't put them on a 2005 and up Supercab 6.5ft box, I'm sure there are tons of guys on here who have. I'm just sharing what the manufacturers told me directly. Probably just covering their butts if something were to happen to the truck, but its still enough that it makes me shy away from trying it. Soooooo, I'm going F-250:D

    Just check around on the plow manufacturer's sites. They have plow selectors, and you'll see what happens when you enter 2006 Ford F-150, 4x4, 5.4, Supercab, 6.5 bed. Some manufacturers won't have the 3750 axle rating available to you. That's because none of their plows are recommended for that front axle. Some manufacturers don't even give you the option to select anything but a regular cab 8ft box. That's because none of their plows are recommended for any other setup but that one.

    Like I said. That doesn't mean that people haven't put a plow on that truck anyways and had no problems. I'm just letting you know what the plow makers say.

    Hope this helps!!
  12. doh

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    I plowed 2 season with a F 150 4.6L Western Poly stanard, worded fine.

    I have sold a 2004 F 150 the customer put a 8' Western Pro Plus on, with timbrens, but he does not carry the plow anywhere.