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My frist EZ-V is in it's 4th season, and because I've already put more hours on it this year then last I thought I would change the fluid mid-season. I always use Fisher fluid, and change it every season. My plow seemed to be slower this year, and it was blowing fluid out of the vent pipe, so I pulled the reservoir off the hydro unit.
Frist a return line had come off it's tube, the reason for the blow-by.
The filter screen was almost pluged by a grey sludge, cleaned it and replaced the fluid; A NEW PLOW.
So if you have an EZ-V and haven't already, check the filter screens on yours.
Also there is a bar magnet in the bottom of the reservoir, it had done it's job and needed to be cleaned.



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How to change filter?

How do you pull off the filter on the pump with the pump in place? I'm afraid I might damage it by pulling too hard. (Fisher)

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