Extending a plow part II

Started another thread as all the pics take too long to load.

If you want the other pics,click here http://www.plowsite.com/showthread.php?threadid=7403

These pics show a snoway plow which came off a Ford Ranger,which we adapted to a 1977 GMC Jimmy.Only problem was it was too small.It was only 6'9".So we made it wider :)

It is now almost 9 ft wide.We just welded up a frame and bolted it on the outside edge.We used bolts so it's easy to change if it get's mangled,but it has held up for three seasons so far.If you going to do it to a Western,Fisher,or others,you may have to weld them on,as they are harder to bolt to.We then used two pieces of lexan to form the moldboard,and ran a new 9ft carbide all the way across the bottom.Eventually if the lexan on the snoway breaks,will we replace it with one solid piece all the way across.We do this for a lot of our blades as there are tons of 6-7.5 ft blades selling used real cheap,but not many 8-9 ft.Just make sure the rest of the plow will support it.Don't try it with one of those sport utility type plows.We only do it to plows which use the same a-frame and parts as the bigger ones,so we know they will stand up well.

Pic one showing backside of extended blade

Here is a pic of the whole thing,now 9 ft wide,over 2 ft wider than before.This truck uses no headgear or plowlights.It isn't needed as the truck lights shine right over the plow,and even threw the lexan.Makes it so much simpler,no extra wiring,and easier for the driver to see.


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