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Far as I know you have to buy it through the dealer. The aftermarket companies wont cover a commerically used truck.
I bought my right through GM, its a continuation of the original 3 yr36K warranty. With GM as long as you are still with in the original warranty, they will sell you the extended. I assume ford is the same.


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I would strongly recommend if you decide to go the "insurance" route to get the policy through the respective manufacturer and not through third-party warranty companies (Global, Western, etc) regardless of what they tell you not every shop will honor the third-party extended warranty, in more cases than you would like to know you will have to pay the repair and be reimbursed at a later date. A manufacturers extended warranty, however, will be honored with no out of pocket expense except for deductible at any dealer, and in some cases at private repair facilities with authorization.
agreeing with bill here .....be CAREFUL where you get it from i learned this the hard way on my 95 ford bought mine through the dealer but a second hand warranty provider and boy i got glued screwed and tattooed took something like $1100 from me and when i needed it no matter what for NOTHING was covered ....my recomendation would be to try to extend it through what ever make of truck that it is...good luck....and ask before signing if its bumper to bumper or what exactly they will or wont cover......goodluck...


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Just bought a new Super-Duty and picked up an ESP extended warranty with it.
4 yrs 100.000 miles.
Covers virtually everything except normal wear items. ie brakes, belts, hoses, filters, bulbs, glass, and interior cloth and carpet.
There is a signifacant jump in price from 4 yrs to 5 though.
Make sure you "haggle" the price with the selling dealer.
I was able to get mine down $500.00 from the advertised price.
Good luck.

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