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eastern canada
I noticed that chev regular cab 1/2 tons are available with snowplow provisions but the extended cabs are not, why is this? Is the snow plow specific front suspension required or is it OK to use an extended cab with regular suspension and an aftermarket suspension helper such as firestones air springs? Thanks
It has to do with GVW ( gross vehicle weight)
All the truck mfr. don't want you to plow with
1/2 ton (except Gm reg cab 1/2)........
I found this out this year when i wanted a 1/2
ex cab.....Mr dealer (several) told me no
warranty if u plow with 1/2 excab.........
Thats why I had to go with 3/4 chevy this time.
Oh well ...the 3/4 didn't cost much more anyway.

Never needed front spring helpers on any of
my 1/2 plow rigs. Of course i am not hauling
around a 9 ft V plow either only a 7 1/2......
Check out those Timbren load busters. I have
read here and elsewhere they work ok..................
www.timbren.com .............Geo


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canada NB
Hey i'm from canada to good to see some in here. I'm plowing with a 2002 chev z71 ext cab. dealer said that their cool with everything. they didn't care if i was plowing or not they would cover my warrenty parts etc

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