Export of plowing equipment to Norway


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Greetings America!

I am interested in importing quality plowing equipment to Norway, first of all small equipment for use by private persons. Manual plows and other related products for efficiently removal of snow. Do you know of or represent a “unique” product? Please contact me.

You may contact me directly at: andreas@hoieggen.no

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Andreas, Welcome to Plowsite.

I'm not going to be of any help with your import/export question, because frankly I'm more of an end user of snow removal hardware. I imagine someone here might be able to help you though.

I had been wondering though, if anyone on Plowsite was knowledgeable about how the snow removal industry works in other countries. I'm sure I, and others, would be fascinated with anything you have to share with us.

I am surprised that you're looking for hardware to import. I would have thought that countries in your part of the world would be years ahead of the rest of us....


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Smal Industry

Thank you very much for your kind response.

I have no thorough knowledge of the snow removal industry in Norway. I am simply a businessman looking for fine American products to import and sell to the fellow Norwegian.

There are sevral reasons for me to look in America for snow removal equipment. First of all I am convinced that America provides the international community with some of the best products regardless of industry.

After we got lucky and discovered oil in 1970's we are not producing anything our selves anymore. Therefore we are importing almost all goods.

Many citizens of the world believes that Norway is one of the coldest places on earth and that we have polar bears walking around in our capitol. That is not quite correct. Winter in Norway, the southern parts, are not that different from winter in North of USA and Canada.

If you have some specific questions about the snow removal industry in Norway, I would be happy to try to answer you.

Kind regards,


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Well if you are looking to import some snow removal equipment into Norway i know of a guy that advertises here in USA in a weekly magazine of equipment called The Big Truck and Equipment Trader. He exports trucks and related equipment all over the world. Otherwise check out some company websites. I know at one time Meyer had a sales brouchure that told of all the places that they had equipment being sold in and im not sure as to Norway being on there. Maybe you could try and get some information from one of the major manufacturers as to getting linked into the snow removal equipment sales industry for your country.


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