Experince with John Deere Gator..Anyone?


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Eggy, I got a Gator earlier this year. I don't have a plow for it (have one on my Grasshopper), but I do have 9 factory and 2 aftermarket options. We have only gotten 2" of snow so far. I can't wait to take it out in the snow!


Seymour IN
Thanks guys I will search for that thread...they seem like they would do a nice job with a cab...from the way I understand you can put a six foot blade on them salter etc...they seem almost equal to a truck in clearing ..only with a tighter turning radius..and yes loosing a few feet on plow width..but the almost cost equal to a used truck also...


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Nova Scotia
Let us know how it works out. I've been asked to bid on a sidewalk contract for NEXT year, seems the present guy is not doing the job, thought the Gator could tow a drop spreader and do light plowing. I'm looking at leasing or buying a couple of skid steers with V-plows and a least one blower to do the bulk of the work. Contract will be about 75K/year, 3 years.


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