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Experienced sub looking for work in illinois NW BURBS

Discussion in 'Employment' started by XXL 4RUNNER, Nov 14, 2009.


    XXL 4RUNNER Member
    Messages: 34

    Hey guys, i'm looking for work in the suburbs melrose pk franklin pk northlake etc.... Any surrounding area, just dont want to drive too far. I've been plowing for 17 years and have a toyota 4runner with a new meyer 6' 6 plow. Lemme know whatcha got, thanks ;)!
  2. snowguys

    snowguys Senior Member
    Messages: 708

    what are you looking to get per hour i might know a guy

    XXL 4RUNNER Member
    Messages: 34

    Well at this point i'm open, i'd be happy w/ the going rate for our area lemme know what your thinkin'. Btw what area is it in? Res or comm?company name? Just curious. Thank you
  4. 09dieselguy

    09dieselguy Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    i think you going to be hard pressed to get the going rate with a toyota and a 6.6 plow. thats not considered a commercial rig. it wouldnt be no where near as productive as a fullsize with a 8 footer or v plow. i think youds have better luck posting signs or word of mouth and doing driveways. time is money and the little plow would cost to much to hire.

    XXL 4RUNNER Member
    Messages: 34

    i was referring to the going rate for MY setup, i am in the process of trying to get driveways now but just thought i'd see if anyone needed help. i've done commercial for many years and smaller rigs are great for loading docks, semi occupied parking lots, and sidewalks on large properties. i also am experienced, which cuts down the worry factor for an employer ( dont have to be worried if a newbie is gonna smash a car, tear up property, or even answer his phone at 2 a.m. when its time for work ) thanks for your opinion though; duly noted