Experienced skid steer operator seeks work near Golf / Higgins Rds. Schaumburg / Hoffman Estates, IL

Rosie's Rider

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Hello, I am an experienced skid steer operator seeking a minimum 5-hour site or sites this Winter along the Golf & Higgins Road Corridor in Hoffman Estates or Schaumburg.

I am 54 years old and have been plowing for 38 years, the past decade exclusively on skid steers. Hand or foot controls, but I prefer foot.

I am a very clean operator. I do meticulous work. You will never have to "clean up" anything I do.

I'm at $35 to 45/hour, depending on how far I must travel from home. $35 for sites along the Golf/Higgins corridor.

$45 beyond this corridor.

Please forward this. Much appreciated.

Thank you.

Rob, (630)461-3462


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Have you inquired with either Tovar or Arctic Snow and Ice? Those are the two big players in that area, and they hire more than just a couple operators to man their fleets.