Exhausted, but loving it!


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I've gotten a total of 6 hours of sleep since Wednesday. Slept for 2 hours Wed night, got the call to plow. On my last lot I shredded the fan belt. It was still sort of in one piece, so I tightened it as far as I could. Shut down my beacon, lights, heater, radio. Watched the voltmeter and ammeter, and temp gauge. Finished the lot, with a thin strand of what was once a belt. Alternator pulley was barely turning.

Then began my search for a belt at 5:00 am. Drove around for half an hour before belt got to the point that it was totally useless. Finally limped my way to a auto parts store, with temp climbing rapidly, and a very weak battery.

Caught an hour nap in the truck, but woke up because I was freezing. Had to wait another hour and a half until the store opened. Slipped on a new belt, and slipped a new spare into the toolbox, battery surprisingly had just enough juice to get me fired up. Drove to my full time job and put in a full day.

Slept for a few hours last night and lo and behold the phone rings and we have another 5 inches. SO off to plow again. Back to work again today, and snow is forecast again for late tonight and tomorrow!

Gotta love the money. And my old big-block,shortbox Dodge is a wonder in tight spots. I'm itching to quit my day job, and pray for snow!

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